Friday, July 25, 2014

Call for Peacebuilding Skills Training

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The IAHV Peacebuilding Unit is pleased to announce its first ever Peacebuilding Skills Training for strong AoL/IAHV candidates and delivered by world leading experts.

We all know the UN Peacekeepers, right? Wherever there is need, they are deployed on short and long term missions to conflict-affected areas to ease tensions and protect the population. Isn’t this exactly what we could do as well? Wherever conflict spirals or violence breaks out, we could deploy IAHV Peacebuilders to take care of the inner lives of people affected by conflict, to ease the suffering, bring hope and rebuild bridges amongst people.

To some extent, we are already doing this. But looking at the scale of conflicts and violence in the world today, there is so much more we could do, isn’t there?

Therefore, we want to train a specialized IAHV Peacebuilding team to deploy on short and long term missions to conflict and war zones. If you feel this goes to the core of your passion and calling, please do read on.

Background on IAHV Peacebuilding

As we all know, IAHV and Art of Living have done some profound work for peacebuilding, such as bridging communities in Israel-Palestine or Muzaffar Nagar, rehabilitating rebels and terrorists such as Naxalites and Kashmiri fighters, bringing trauma-relief and healing to victims of violence in Iraq or the Balkans, and much more. The knowledge and techniques of the Art of Living Foundation have helped millions of people to overcome violent tendencies and find inner peace.

However, there is still a huge gap between our personal peace and world peace and the international community does not know us yet as a peacebuilding organization as such.

So how can we contribute more effectively to international peace? How can we integrate our knowledge and techniques to reduce stress and violence in individuals into mainstream peacebuilding efforts of the international community? How can we free the trouble makers from the vicious cycle of violence, bring healing to victims and strengthen the peacemakers in nonviolent action? How can we effectively cooperate with other peacebuilding organisations?

Peacebuilding training!

In order to increase our impact and reach more people in conflict zones, IAHV Peacebuilding has been set up. One of the aims of IAHV Peacebuilding is to train a global team of peacebuilders who can go out to conflict zones on short term emergency and longer term peacebuilding interventions. Therefore, we are organizing a first of its kind peacebuilding skills training for selected IAHV / AOL volunteers. The training will cover topics such as trauma-relief, conflict and peace analysis, project development, nonviolent strategies and actions, mediation and dialogue facilitation, cultural sensitivity and communication skills.

We are currently discussing with some of the leading global experts in peacebuilding, who are training the UN itself, to come and deliver this one of its kind professional peacebuilding training.

We are looking for inspired, committed and skillful people to join the team for this important mission! Do you think this is something for you?

  • Deep motivation and commitment to work for peace
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: empathy, sensitivity, cultural awareness
  • Experience of working in challenging environments and circumstances
  • Good physical health, mental and emotional resilience
  • Adaptive and flexible attitude in team
  • Demonstrated strong personal initiative and self-reliable where needed
  • Motivation for continuous learning
  • Possibility to make oneself available for periods of several weeks or months
  • Interest to be part of the IAHV Peacebuilding team on the longer term
  • Completion of Art of Living Part 1 course + minimum 2 advanced courses
Added plus:
  • Practical / Professional experience in any of the following: mediation, community dialogues,
  • non-violent actions, trauma-relief
  • Academic degree in international relations, peace studies, conflict resolution, international law and human rights
  • Spoken fluency in additional languages
  • Practicing Art of Living teacher
Dates: 6 days between 20 November - 10 December (to be defined)

Venue: European Art of Living Centre, Bad Antogast, Germany


The application process is as follows:
  1. Fill in the form:
  2. Applicant in addition to completing the above form sends the following to
    • CV
    • Photograph
    • 2 x recommendations from Art of Living Teachers
The deadline for applications is Friday 15 August.

Due to the high level of expected applications only those who have been successful will be notified by 31 August 2014, along with confirmation of dates, venue and cost.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!

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