Monday, July 7, 2014

Balkans Flood Disaster Relief Campaign

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Dear Friends,

A BIG THANK YOU for all your help and contribution to the Balkans Flood Relief Appeal.

Our Volunteers have been continuously working on the ground in both Bosnia and Serbia for the past 5 weeks or so. The floods destroyed vast areas and there have been more than 2000 destructive landslides in just one city alone with catastrophic damage to the whole region.

Now, the water has left the streets leaving only destroyed houses, garbage, debris and traumatised stressed people. People are living in congested tents without even the basic facilities such as toilets. Many people can’t even go back to their hometowns due to landslide warnings and health hazards

Our volunteers visited more than 50 places in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia across late May and June distributing food, water, clothes, medicines and other supplies for more than 500 families. We are conducting many Trauma relief programs to the affected people and scheduled many courses in the coming weeks.

Restoration work is in progress and a lot is still left.

We are in URGENT need of more funding to rebuild the lives of the people who have lost everything to the flood. They need your humanitarian aid for their basic needs and to return to normal life.

Please help generously and donate through the following link by Credit or Debit card :

Alternatively you can make direct payments to the IAHV UK bank account with a note to specify that the donation be for Balkans flood relief :

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