Monday, November 4, 2013

Pre-TTC in Portugal

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This program will aid your growth. You will be challenged to leave your comfort zone and overcome your limits, strengthening your personal, relational, professional and spiritual development. At the same time you will learn how to share some of the knowledge and techniques taught by the Art of Living with others, helping them to develop their full potential.

Requirements: To have at least one Art of Living Advance Course (Silence Course), to be physically and mentally fit, to be in Art of Living for at least 1 year and a recommendation letter from an Art of Living teacher.

- Communication, leadership and management skills, more confidence and focus
- Ability to lead an Art Of Living introductory session
- Learn how to teach pranayamas and how to lead meditations in humanitarian programs
- Possibility to create and support social projects with children, youth, seniors or specific populations in prisons, social neighborhoods, hospitals and other humanitarian institutions
- It is also a preliminar program necessary for the Art of Living Teachers Training

Teacher: Matías Quinn
Has a graduation in Natural Sciences in Buenos Ayres, where he was born. Matías worked as a researcher, theater and cinema director, translator and promoter of human values in companies and NGOs around the world. He lived in Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Germany, Spain and India. Since 8 years Matías is a full time teacher. As a volunteer he gives conferences and seminars about stress management in companies, educative centers and prisons. He is presently the coordinator of the Art Of Living teachers group in Argentina.

Intensive program of two consecutive weekends: 7th - 8th and 14th - 15th December

Venue: The Art of Living Center in Lisbon. Lisbon is a beautiful city full of appealing mysteries and during the week we will make sure that you enjoy it. If you are coming from outside of Lisbon you may stay in the AOL Center (offer limited to the available place)

The contribution for this program with more than 40 hours of training is 275€ (250€ for registrations up to 7th November). Reserve your place filling up the attached registration form.

This training offers you a unique chance to develop your potential, the capacity to inspire others and to share the knowledge more skillfully, in a more powerful and confident way.

Contribute with your service towards a healthy, peaceful and happy society!

More information:
Joana Cordeiro - Coordenadora Nacional
Phone: (+351) 21 849 8506 | 91 909 1706 | 96 961 0416

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