Saturday, September 28, 2013

Seva Opportunities available at Bad Antogast, Germany

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Dearest Everyone,

Your support is essential for us in maintaining our Bad Antogast home.

1. We need a vegetarian cook who could come to us for longer time. After trying period the regular employment is offered.
2. We need strong, skillful men or women who are able to do construction work.
3. We need skillful women/men who is ready to clean the house and help in the kitchen and garden.

Doing seva in the ashram is the best opportunity to grow in knowledge: every morning Sadhana, every day Noon Meditation, every evening Satsang and knowledge tape.

Whoever is doing seva with us for 2 month can participate on Part II Silence course free of charge.

We would kindly request you to inspire Art of Living teachers and other members of Art of Living family in your country to join us in beautiful Bad Antogast.

Interested people can send an email to Lars:

Thanks you for your support and see you soon in your home, Bad Antogast

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