Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yes!++ in Baltic region for the first time

First time in Baltic Region!
21-25 August, 2013
Advanced youth course Yes!++

With Denis Shakhmin – amazing senior teacher from Russia (Irkutsk)
What is Yes!++ ?

  • Yes! – is the mindset that works in modern life
  • + is fun,  energy, enthusiasm, creativity
  • + is silence, inner peace and deep meditation experience
  • Yes!++ is an advanced course for young people aged 18 to 35, who finished Yes!+ or Part 1 and want to develop further. Powerful yoga, breathing, practices, super positive engagement and deep relaxation – it is far away from everything that you will experience during the course.

With the help of meditation, special processes and the unique EXPERIENCE OF SILENCE, you will discover the depth of your own inner peace.
The course will give you the sensation of refreshment, elevation and will fill you up with energy, that is needed in all spheres of life.

Just imagine what is waiting for you:
·         Strolls through wonderful meadows of Norviliskes,
·         Powerful yoga with MANY Suryanamaskars
·         Extremely delicious, cooked with love, vegetarian food
·         Songs in Sanskrit every evening
·         Unbelievably beautiful sunsets
·         Absolute peace and beauty of nature
In the Yes!++ program:
All the emotions as in Yes!+, as well as… We were thinking very long how to express in words what you will experience. And the only answer we came up to – you cannot even imagine what it will be! It will be BETTER THAN THE BEST POSSIBLE that happened in your life!

About the teacher:
The course will be taught by Denis Shakhmin. So wait for surprises! J This teacher is a volcano of ideas, energy generator not leaving any chances for anyone to surrender or retreat. He has only one direction – move forward and he skillfully leads the entire team – assistants and every student.  Miracles happen during his course. All boundaries, obstacles and barriers that hinder us get dissolved and you find yourself again in the limitless ocean of life!

The course is open to all who:
-  Finished Part I or Yes!+ courses
-  The course is designed for those aged 18-35 years. Otherwise your participation will be considered on an individual basis. NOTE: there will be very active yoga – please count your possibilities.

The course will be held in Russian with English translation.

Course Fee: 250 Eur for Eastern European countries (other countries - please contact organizers for detailed information)

Your place for the course will be booked after we receive your money transfer.

Payment details:

* Purpose of payment (use exact wording): Yes!++ camp in Norvilishkes 21-25.08.2013
1. Beneficiary's name Baltijos Gyvenimo meno labdaros ir paramos fondas
2. Beneficiary's address Kazliskiu str. 19-27, 09204 Vilnius, Lithuania
3. IBAN LT507300010102536110
5. Beneficiary's Bank Swedbank, AB
6. Bank address Vilnius, Lithuania
* transaction costs are to be paid by remitter!
** if you cancel your participation in the course, we'll return paid amount minus 50 EUR.

Place of the course:
The course will be held at the legendary castle of Norviliskes, which is located in a geographically, historically and biologically unique surroundings on the outskirts of Lithuania, 80 km from Vilnius just by the border with Belorussia. The land is filled with the breath of the past: ancient oaks, mythological stones and millennial mounds.

You can read more about the history of the castle:
For more information please contact:
Karolina +370 674 55159,

Hurry! Only 50 places available.
Jai Guru Dev!