Saturday, May 4, 2013

World Water Day in Macedonia

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As good friends of the nature, Art of Living Macedonia with its activities marked the World Water Day, again in the company of the youngest.
An hour workshop was organized in kindergarten, where it was attended by about 60 children. The theme of the workshop was a healthy living through physical exercise and the importance of water as one of the sources of good health.
The purpose of this workshop was fostering good health, creating healthy habits in children from young legs, as well as creating a sense of the importance of water, its protection and rampant exploitation.
The workshop began with an interactive communication with the children and talk about the importance of water for humanity and his health, animals and plants and the Earth in general, as well as simple examples of how we can save water and protect from undue exploitation and pollution.
We were greeted with beautiful water protecting messages as: To save water is fancy, Water is white gold, etc., and we were also gifted with a wonderful show prepared by the youngest, which had also significant conservation messages about saving and protecting water.

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