Sunday, May 5, 2013


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Being a child on a street is really difficult. They welcomed every day begging for some food or some money to survive the day. Their faces are almost blackened by the sun, and also from the dust, because they have no where to wash. And the people ... some just silently pass by them, some of them throw some change and some do not even notice them. These children instead of studying at school desks, they learn the school of life on the streets.
On this day dedicated to the children on the streets, The Art of Living Macedonia, in cooperation with NGOs Art Life, SUNA Skopje and the Food Bank, joined to the Global Action “TOGETHER WE ARE LOUDER”, in order to mark this International Day. The purpose of this action was to increase the awareness of the people and the authorities of their legal obligation to work towards the provision of children's rights.
The whole event was supported by medias, as several TV broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers. We placed one collecting point, where during the day the citizens had the opportunity to donate food, clothing and cash funds, and our volunteers happily smiled to welcome the human people and they thanked them for donations.
And in the afternoon a convoy of cars with well prepared food packages and clothing, marched in the streets of the capital, Skopje, where we searched for street children.  Usually, every day, they are sitting at traffic lights on the main crossroads, especially during the big traffic jams and they beg for piece of bread or money.
In each of our contacts with them, we could see sorrow in their innocent eyes, but big smile was showing on their faces, first confused they approached and then with immense joy they thanked for the gifts they received.
The end of this action, we crowned with a visit to a Day Center where every day are accommodated about 100 street children where they are given food, clothing and education. We donated the rest of the food and clothing to this Day Center.

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