Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre-TTC, part 1 and DSN in UK: Register and reserve your seat soon

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Dear ones,
Warm Greetings,
Jai Gurudev!
With spring around the corner, It gives me immense pleasure to announce the visit of super dynamic and Senior International Teacher from USA – “Patti Montella” and upcoming vibrant, fun filled events with her. The intention to share is now so that we can book these dates in busy dairies and hence we do not miss out on any opportunity and loose the big chance to be part of these events with Patti.

Introducing Patti Montella....
Patricia (Patti) Montella is an international faculty member for the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF). She is currently based in Denver, Colorado, USA. In 1998 she left a successful corporate career to commit her life toward the upliftment of humanity through education that leads one toward self-realization. Patti is the first westerner worldwide appointed as a DSN teacher by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She is also appointed by Sri Sri as a North America Director for the Volunteer Training/PreTTC program, teacher and teacher trainer for the program. Patti launched the program in North America in 2012.

Patti also teaches the Art of Living Part 1 course and is trained as a TLEX and YES+ teacher. She was the first president of IAHV USA helping to launch the program in the USA and Europe in 1998. She lived for a time at the German Ashram 1998-1999 regularly traveling to Geneva, Switzerland as a UN representative for IAHV. Patti was director of AOLF's Youth Programs2004-2007 and National Media director 2005-2007.
Patti has taught in the USA, Canada, and Europe and throughout the Middle East.
She offers a wealth of entrepreneurial experience from her years in both the corporate and non- profit sectors along with 18 years as an Art of Living teacher. Her passion always has been, and continues to be empowerment of individuals to become strong, centred and confident agents of social change. Patti is a published author.
Her hobbies include writing, hiking, skiing and anything to do with horses.
Twitter: @pattimontella
Blog: http://www.thetravelingmystic.com/

Events Calendar
April 28 or 29:               Arrive London.
May 5 & 6:                    Cardiff Refresher.
May 10:                         Aberdeen Intro Talk.
May 11:                         Aberdeen Refresher.
May 12:                         Guruji's Birthday Celebration – London.
May 16 to 19:                DSN London.
May 25, 26:                  Pre-TTC London.
June 1, 2:                    Pre-TTC London.

(Pre-TTC runs over 2 consecutive full weekends) 
June 5 – 12:                   Open & free now.
June 15, 16:                   Pre-TTC Manchester.
June 20, 23:                   Pre-TTC Manchester.
(Pre-TTC runs over 2 consecutive full weekends) 
June 27- 30:                    Mega Part 1 London.

Till then keep shining,
Thank you & Best Wishes,
On Behalf of UK National Board,

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