Tuesday, December 25, 2012


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On the 22.12.2012, with the eco action LET`S GROW TOGETHER, we slowly rounded the achievements made in the field of environmental events in the year that slowly is ending.

Colorful from the decorations and balloons, the yard of the Garden Center, where the action was organized, was filled with the patter of over 30 children who came to plant oak seeds and learn about the process of growth and development from seed to tree. The joyful and curious children`s eyes were absorbing every word from the experts who were explaining what is the meaning of the trees for us and for the nature. Neither the cold weather nor the red noses could stop these children from their intention to plant their own tree, and thus to bring more green and fresh air in future.

Once the seed was planted, everyone wrote a name on their pot, and during the year they will be able to visit, nurture and grow together with their tree. Then followed deserved hot tea and cookies for the hardworking children.

Planting oak just before New Year and Christmas holidays is not randomly selected. The oak has a symbolism for the Macedonians. During Christmas, the houses are decorated with oak`s branches in order in the year that comes to have prosperity and health in the house.

The purpose of this action was to raise the awareness among children from small feet to care of nature and encouraging love for the nature.

Here are some of the pictures of the beautiful event:

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