Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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With visiting a Home for elderly people, under the motto "I volunteer for a better future", AOL Macedonia with its volunteers, marked the World Day of volunteerism, December 5th.
 It was very interesting the experience and friendship with these elderly people from the Home. Since our visit was announced earlier, the employees of the home told us that its elderly tenants was waiting eagerly for our arrival, even though they did not know who we were and what was the purpose of our visit.
When we entered the room where they were waiting for us, the view was incredible ... There were around 30 elderly persons, all were nicely dressed, sitting as the students are sitting in their school desks, and their look was full with sparks of curiosity and joy, as when young children curiously watching the new toy and rejoice.
We made them a nice surprise and fun, gave them fruits, attention, we danced and  sang, hung out and talked with them ... In return they gave us honest wise advice about life that sprang from deep in their soul ...
Love, joy and a million smiles filled the room. At that moment there was no one happier than all of us that we were there together.
We left the house with strong emotions and overwhelming sense of joy. Each of our heart was filled with love, and we realized that no matter of the age, every human being is longing for a little attention and lots of love.

Source: Macedonia AOL news letter

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