Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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Constant care for the socially disadvantaged and hungry families, orphanages, institutions for people with disabilities, is already many years of practice between the AOL Macedonia volunteers. Almost every week we are in action for collecting food and cloths and their distribution to the families and institutions.
Therefore, last week we visited over 15 th families in Stip and Skopje, where was delivered about 500 kg of food needed for daily survival of these families who barely survive the day. 

It is a really scary sight of their homes where some of them do not have even source of heat in these cold days. But a smile was visible on their faces and endless gratitude was shown to us and our humanitarian help that somehow this food make them easier to withstand these very difficult times.
And what makes us happy and satisfied is that in the last recent years, with our good example of humanity, we encouraged humanity in a large number of citizens, non-governmental organizations (Art Life, SUNA, Bank of food etc. ) and companies that are involved in these charity and unselfishly gave their contribution to help these social vulnerable families and institutions.
Inspired by the results we move on to new achievements.

Source: Macedonian Art of living Chapter

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