Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend of wisdom and humanity.

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Last weekend The Art of living Macedonia, organized a humanitarian Art of breathing workshop in Shtip, for the Macedonian defenders who fought in the 2001 conflict. The workshop was composed of about 20 defenders, solders who bravely fought to maintain peace and stability in the country. As a result of this war, their life was no longer the same. The traces of trauma that this war had engraved on their faces were very visible. Some of them barely moving, were at the end of existence, completely forgotten by the state and society. But after a few days, after the completion of the seminar, we could see a smile on their faces again. 
With the tears in their eyes, they were happy and eternally grateful that we are separated from our time to be with them. And they admit that they feel better after the seminar. The gifted wisdom we supplemented with food packages that we gave to the defenders and departed with the promise that we will see them again. They gave peace in our country, and we gave peace in their soul. Joy sprang everywhere.