Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pre-TTC in Netherlands in November

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Please find below details on upcoming Pre-TTC:
8 full days with an interval of 3 days
When and Where
Fr 9 - sat 10- sun 11- mon 12th november and fr 16 - sat 17- sun18 - mon 19 NOVEMBER in Haarlem, The Netherlands

What is it?
It's a course with elements from the other courses: breath, yoga, meditation, TTC, knowledge, DSN, silence and a lot of fun.

Who can apply
· Everyone who has done a part 1 and a part 2 (Art of Silence 1) course. For everyone who wants to be stronger
· For people who want that extra in their seva and who want to lift AOL's work to the next level
· Teachers to be (gap with TTC is smaller after this course)

this will be about 475 for 8 full days incl. simpel food and stay with a volunteer in the area.
If you want to register, please send an email to Marja van Rijswijk,