Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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On the occasion of 19th of August - The WORLD DAY OF HUMANITY, Art of Living Macedonia, under the motto DO SOMETHING GOOD - traditionally celebrated this day by organizing humanitarian action for raising food, cloths, furniture and school supplies for disadvantaged families in Macedonia. The action lasted two days and was placed in few venues where human people could bring their donation. Encouraged and inspired by our initiative, other NGOs wished to be part and joined to this great humanitarian action. During the two days the volunteers of Art of Living worked hard and gathered 300 kg food, a significant amount of school supplies and a huge amount of clothes and shoes. Parts of the donations were immediately distributed to the disadvantaged families for who we care constantly during the year.

The action was supported by media that was another reason a huge number of people to visit the donation`s venues and to show their humanity. Due to the high interest the venues were open even longer than the prescribed time. The most beautiful sight was when our youngest volunteers, the children, with happy smile on their faces were grateful to the people for every piece collected, and with sincere love, carefully were packing collected food and clothes for their poor friends.

With our constant care and humanity in action, again, this time we managed to do something useful for society, to encourage the sense of sharing, to awaken awareness of humanity and to help to those who struggle every day in their fight for survival.