Monday, August 27, 2012

Humanitarian mission - Care for people with mental and physical disabilities

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Art of Living volunteers Macedonia continuing further with their humanitarian mission. On 24.08.2012, a caravan of several cars filled with humanitarian aid consisting of food and clothing, were heading to a village near the capital Skopje, where is A Care Center for people with mental and physical disabilities that is on the margins of the society.

The center has about 35 residents of different ages and with varying degrees of physical and mental disability. Forgotten by all, because almost no one visits them, they were surprised when they saw us. Some of them approached with a great curiosity. With big enthusiasm these people headed to the cars, smiling as small children, happy that can assist in the transfer of the humanitarian aid boxes. In fact each of them just wanted to tighten our hand and with a warm smile to thank us that somebody remembered them. They were carrying the boxes as much as they could, slowly step by step, with all their strength while entertaining in their own way. And as an expression of gratefulness ... we received a gift - necklaces made by themselves, and even greater inspiration in continuing our humanitarian mission.