Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Join us at Malvern, UK 8 - 12 August - a retreat with AOL courses for everyone!

 Dear Art of Living family,
We are looking forward to sharing another memorable annual AOL summer retreat with you this August in Malvern, in the west of England.
Please keep 8th - 12th August firmly saved in your diary so that you can join us.

There will be something for everyone so that you can come with your family members & friends of all ages and levels of experience. Our wonderful AOL teacher team have agreed to run the whole spectrum of courses from Art of Breathing, Silence, Meditation, Sri Sri Yoga, Ayurvedic Cookery/Beauty, Art Excel Angels & Art Excel for the youngsters and YES/YES+ for the teens and young adults.

We will also have Mother & Baby programme, Know Your Child/Know Your Teens workshop, Vastu workshop and consultation, Laughing Yoga workshop and opportunity to have Ayurvedic consultation and massages, or an option of coming for weekend spa retreat....
We have been fortunate to book the same wonderful accommodation and base as last summer: Malvern St James boarding school offers excellent facilities so we can look forward to comfortable rooms, delicious Satvic food, glorious views, spacious meeting rooms & outside areas, a swimming pool, clean spring water and energising fresh air! ...and of course some of the best company in the World!

The school is located 2 mins walk from the railway station and you will be a short walk not only from Malvern's historic town centre but also striking distance to the magical & sacred Malvern Hills!

For all details related to cost and precise dates, courses visit the following link