Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Save the dates: New course Pre TTC to be introduced in Europe

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There is a new beautiful gift from Guruji - a program called Pre TTC. It will happen for the first time in Europe 6-9th September 2012. The program will be taught by a dynamic TTC teacher from India.

This 3.5-day intensive program empowers individuals with the knowledge and confidence to become dynamic Introductory Workshop facilitators for the Art of Living Course. Graduates will be given the tools and training to support them in networking, organizing, and leading intro workshops. They will be qualified teach Bhastrika and Nadi Shodana, and to lead the Pancha Kosha Meditation. Each graduate will be presented with a Breath, Water, Sound manual. This special program will greatly enhance leadership, teamwork, organizing, public relations, and course-enrollment skills.

The program will cost as much as an Art of Silence course (Part 2 course) in your country.

Plan to arrive in Sofia(airport), Bulgaria by 5th September evening and leave evening 9th September.

Program starts: 7:00 , 6th September
Program ends: 15:00, 9th September

For more information: or 00359 899 17 20 15

Art of Living Bulgaria team