Thursday, June 14, 2012

LIVE & ACT: ECOMOB for Earth - Worldwide from June 16th - June 30th!

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Dear LIVE & ACT Festival Country Coordinators and Volunteers,

Starting June 16th, we are doing ECOMOBs worldwide (from Denmark, Poland, United States to Congo) until June 30th!  We already have 16 Polish Cities involved!    

Join an existing ECOMOB or create you own.  Find and post ECOMOB event details on our Facebook Event.
Check out the latest ECOMOB film from Lithuania.

ECOMOB action plan:
  1. Do an environmental action (alone or in a group)!
  2. Take a few photos of your ECOMOB with the words "LIVE AND ACT" somewhere on the photo.  
  3. Celebrate your success with your ecomobbers, and have tea, icecream, or whatever you like together!  
  4. Email your smiling photos to (Subject: "EcoMob/Your City" and Body Text: 1-2 sentences explaining what you did).
Environmental action ideas:
  • Clean-up a forest, the beach, a sidewalk, a park
  • Plant a flowers, herbs or trees
  • Help out in a botanical garden
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Install solar panels
  • Have a locally sourced vegetarian picnic (ie. low carbon producing diet)
Photo ideas:
  • Arrange your trash bags to form "LIVE AND ACT".
  • Write "LIVE AND ACT" on the sand, after you clean up the beach.
  • Arrange your tree saplings to form "LIVE AND ACT" before you plant them.
  • Write "LIVE AND ACT" with tape on your t-shirts.  
  • Arrange yourselves and your shovels to form "LIVE AND ACT.  Check out this film (skip to 1:58 min).
For more information contact
    The attached pictures are from recent eco-actions in Lithuania and Poland.  We photoshopped the letters (just to give you an idea), so your real pictures will be even better!  I am so excited!  So, many great things are happening in and around the LIVE AND ACT Festival!

    Jai Guru Dev,
    Dorota Niedzwiecki

    PS.  Additionally support the amazing worldwide action organized by AOL Portugal: