Thursday, June 28, 2012

Every month Part 2 Course in German Ashram!!

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Dear AOL Teachers and Organisers,
As you know, at the moment Bad Antogast is busy with preparations for our July Art of Silence courses with Sri Sri (taught by Swami Atmanand) and Puja courses with Bhanu Didi for which there is online registration at

Even though we are focused on July events we are already planning the later courses and we are very happy to announce that starting already from August we will be organising Art of Silence (Part 2) courses every month, during every second weekend of the month. The duration of these courses will be adjusted to the busy schedules of modern life so they will be one day shorter - from Thursday 7.30 pm to Sunday 4 pm.
Here are the dates, every month, always the second week of the month e.i.:
9th August (7.30 pm) – 12th August ( 4 pm)
13th September (7.30 pm) – 16th September ( 4 pm)
11th October (7.30 pm) – 14th October ( 4 pm)

The dates of previously announced Art of Silence (Part 2) courses during the days free from work will be kept as well.

We will be very grateful to you for spreading this message in your countries. Thank you!

With Lots of Love,
Magda (on behalf of our Bad Antogast Team)