Sunday, May 27, 2012

PAID position as english teacher for Art of Living network

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The activity we are organising is a summer camp in English for Italian children aged 6-10-11. It is a small group of 10-11 people living in a beautiful and quiet place, a little village not very far from Milan. The Association we are cooperating with is settled in this cosy village and is made up of parents working together for different educational purposes and aspects involving children. The teacher will be hosted by an Italian family or by an Italian teacher who will be really happy to welcome them.

The period is from June to July and eventually even in the last week of August/first two of September if the minimum number of children will be reached. The teacher will have at their disposal all the educational and entertainment material to do their job and one week before the camp starts they will be specifically trained for this project.
All the expenses are covered.

The people we are looking for are mothertongue experienced and graduated English teachers from 20 to 30-33 years of age with also former experiences with children or even with art/music/theatre aptitudes (this is not the first purpose of the tutor qualities, i t can also not be necessary). The most important thing is that they enjoy teaching and spending funny, memorable times with children...they have to be absolutely happy about it!

For all these reasons I think it would also be fantastic to introduce among the differnent games/entertaining activities a simple/nice section dedicated yoga practices for them to learn it in an easy and funny way. "

Should you have further questions or interest about this offer, please contact Mrs. Raffaella directly:
on her email:
or phone : +39/3470985432.

If you know native english teachers in AOL, kindly forward to them.