Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding bells in a Belgian prison

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After a life-altering Prison SMART workshop, trials, tribulations and bombardment of affection, Marco gets married.
Love stories are always heart-warming to hear. Especially, when love comes your way when you least expect it and yet need it the most. Marco's is one such story, a story of finding love in the prison; of how Marco found the girl he married.

First few years in Prison
There was a time in his life when Marco was feeling depressed, aggressive and even suicidal because of the crime he had committed. The first few years in the prison were complete darkness, without a way back and without a way out. “As if my soul had been taken away,” he once said. Justified though, he believes, because he deserves punishment for the pain, sadness and loss that he had caused. Sorrow and repentance were tearing his heart. There was no help, only narcotics.

Transforming Experience
But he witnessed a transforming experience in his life – the entry of spirituality, yoga and meditation through the Prison Smart Program. In that one week he was a changed man. “I can’t possibly describe in a few words what I felt. Belongingness, tears of joy, love and happiness overwhelmed me! I wish what everyone wishes for – inner peace, strength, love, understanding and a future,” he shared in a letter to his Art of Living friends during Christmas.

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