Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yoga At the Olympics: Welcome Move

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Like any competitive sport such as gymnastics, yoga postures need grace, style, balance and flexibility. Yet yoga has something deeper to offer. To many it is a spiritual practice, a pathway to a more profound understanding of life.

Dinesh Kashikar, senior Sri Sri Yoga teacher, shares his views about entering yoga pose practice as a competitive sport in Olympics. He feels that this move will attract more people to take up yoga and reap the benefits of regular yoga practice.

Q: Will yoga lose its quality and essence if it is made a competition? Or will it become more popular and benefit many?

Yoga by nature is not a competition or a sport. Yet at the same time including yoga in Olympics will give a boost to the field of yoga.

Including yoga in the Olympics would definitely encourage many people to practice this philosophy.

More and more participation will give us yoga icons. For example, many people play cricket because they are inspired by their icons. Many people want their children to play cricket because they want to emulate cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar. Similarly many people will want their children to take up yoga.

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