Friday, April 6, 2012

‘A powerful life-skills program’: TUDELTA

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A new program, called Yes+, offers student the support they need to combat study-related stress and lead ‘calm yet vibrant lifestyles’.

A recent survey conducted by various Dutch university newspapers revealed that TU Delft students are the most stressed-out students in the country. Looking at the kind of positive feedback the results of this survey received on the various social networking sites, it is quite evident that students are eager to find measures that would help them relieve stress and lead more productive lives.
In the subsequent search for solutions, it emerged that there are already quite a few programs and seminars organized within universities and by other organizations, aimed at helping students overcome stress. One of most intriguing of these is the Yes+ program, which is a 1 or 2 credit course taught in some of the major universities around the world, and which will now be offered to TU Delft students.
“Yes+ empowers students with teaching tools that eliminate stress, get rid of negative emotions from the system, develops strong social and leadership skills, increases focus and concentration, better time management skills and also incubates projects for community service,” says Aditya Kamalapurkar, an MSc Management Technology student who has been closely associated with the popular NGO –‘Art of Living’, and is in charge of organizing the YES+ course. “It empowers the youth to reach their highest potential.”
In fact universities like Harvard and Cornell have produced many favorable scientific reports about practices followed in this program. “Yes+ is a powerful life-skills program that charges the youth with a fresh breath of vigor, enthusiasm, excellence and responsibility,” Kamalapurkar continues. “Yes+ enables you to absorb the freshness, repose and all the positivity around you, helping you discharge stress, inhibitions, negative tendencies/habits, and barriers. It’s a brilliant mix of antiquity and the contemporary, a smooth blend of ancient wisdom, yoga, pranayama (breath control), and meditation, fused with contemporary intellectual exchanges, music and games.”
The Yes+ program by itself is not just about decreasing stress and anxiety, but it also helps strengthen leadership skills, enhance memory and concentration powers and, most importantly, teaches participants to lead a calm yet vibrant lifestyle. At universities across the globe, where it’s now recognized that it’s not just academics but the all-round development of a student which is important, the Yes+ program is offered as a credit course that students can do as a part of their academic program.
“In Europe, our volunteers conducted the Corporate Culture & Spirituality World Youth Forum, which was an extraordinary experience for 50 selected young professionals and university students,” Kamalapurkar says of some other activities conducted by the organization. “The World Youth Forum 2009 provided an open platform for participants (aged 18-35) to voice their messages to the world’s top economic and political decision-makers. Moreover, in the United States, our team did a project called ‘Deepening Roots’, an intensive multi-disciplinary summer internship that focused on community-oriented sustainable agriculture, together with leadership development, meditation and nutrition. The mission is to cultivate youthful leaders who could implement practical solutions, build communities, and inspire their generation towards a sustainable future.”
Further, ‘Insignia’ was a one-of-a-kind fundraising event organized by the Yes+ chapter in Kolkata, India. This event saw the volunteers channel their creative energy and come up with an evening of fun and laughter, including two plays, a dance performance and a game, with the funds raised by the event being used for slum development projects and environmental drives.
The Yes+ organization also has activities all across the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, Harlem, Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, and elsewhere. Moreover, a workshop was held at TU Delft last February, which had 33 participants of eight different nationalities. Given the positive feedback on this event, Yes+ is now hosting another workshop at the Lijm & Cultuur Center in Delft, from April 26-29, which is open to all interested TU students.