Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bawa and Dinesh Coming to the UK!!

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Jai Gurudev!! Really exciting news! Guruji has blessed Bawa and Dinesh to come to UK and they will be here soon!!!

Based on the suggestions given by them we will be having a DSN and an Advanced Course. Here are the details:
- May 4th-7th: Advanced Course ( 7am on the 4th to 4pm on the 7th). There was already an advanced course scheduled for this Bank Holiday weekend. Now Dinesh will be teaching it!!!
Where: Mercure Hotel, A41 Bypass Watford, Watford, WD25 8JH. For registrations please contact Sundar 07788422803/
- May 10th-13th: DSN!!! (7am on the 10th-4pm on the 13th). DSN has long been awaited. There will also be Guruji's birthday satsang on the 13th! The DSN venue is still being looked into, but will be in London. Please note that DSN is a pre-requisite for TTC so all those interested in TTC must make use of this opportunity. 

More details will follow (how to register for DSN etc) but please block your dates and start spreading the word.
Jai Gurudev