Monday, March 26, 2012

"Break your Walls": First Israeli Arab-Jewish and Palestinian Peace Camp at the European Art of Living Center in Bad Antogast - Participation for international guests still possible

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A very unique course programme will take center stage at Art of Living's European center in Germany from 10 - 16 April 2012.
The first 'Break your Walls' Peace Camp will see approx 25 young people travel in from Israel and Palestine.
The delegation from Israel will consist of both Jews and Arabs.
Joining them will be a group of Europeans. The participants, aged 18-35, will be arriving from various traditions, cultures and religions.

During the weeklong program, participants will explore interactive group processes, relaxation exercises and cultural activities to bridge differences. They will learn new ways to cope better with stress, conflict, negative emotions and how to deal with pressure.
The camp's programme is especially designed to strengthen human values and develop inner peace within each individual, thus spreading the harmony in the diversity and creating excellence in life.

"Break your Walls" is part of the Wall Project initiated by Dr. Dafna Paz from the Art of Living in Israel.
The Wall project was created in 2004 to help the Israeli population who live on the border with Gaza. At that time and during the years, they were suffering from a massive bombing attack from Gaza. Adults, youth and kids are under stress and AOL Israel was helping with the Art of Living trauma relief workshops
The aim of the Break your Walls project now is to break our individual and group mental wall, and hopefully one day this will help in breaking the physical wall.

If you would like to send participants from your countries to join this Peace Camp, please contact Camille on