Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Art of Breathing Courses in South Harrow and Swiss Cottage, UK

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Art of Breathing Courses:
South Harrow between 4 - 7 April 2012. 
Swiss Cottage between 24 - 28 April 2012. 

Jai Guru Dev, Dear Divine Ones :) :)) !
This is the year of Diversity.... WOW! Wow - woW!!!
Happy New Year to all those who recently celebrated Iranian New Year / Ugadi & Gudi Padwa / ? etc s .... !
As we welcome this new year, let's spend a few minutes reading Sri Sri's recent message....  according to the Vedic calendar this year is called ‘Nanda’ which means bliss. This is the year of bliss. Last year was the year of Certainty. The year before was of Chaos and Confusion. But now the coming year is the year of bliss and the year of happiness. So let us all resolve to “Spread more Happiness in Society.” 
This knowledge was given on December 31st, 2011. Read on ...
There is no better way of spreading Happiness other than through our Art of Breathing Courses:
Let us reach out to people n Make ‘life a BIG Celebration’ all ll the way ;)!
Please spread the word: It's happening both at Swiss Cottage as well as at South Harrow!!!!
Please register now and take advantage of the early bird offer. 
The Course details are:  
South Harrow (4 days)
Dates: Wednesday, the 4 April - Saturday, the 7 April 2012
Timings: Wednesday - Thursday: 6.30pm - 9.30pm (timings are subject to change)
Good Friday (Friday timings subject to change) and Easter Saturday: 10am - 3.00 pm
and enjoy the rest of your EASTER holidays :) :)) !
Venue: South Harrow - TBD.
Enquiries/ registrations: 07411 836 420 (evenings) // 07799 107 554 // 020 8458 9388
Swiss Cottage (5 days)
Dates: Tuesday, the 24 April - Saturday, the 28 April 2012.
Timings: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 6.30pm - 9.30pm except Thursday: 7pm - 9.30pm and
Saturday: 10am - 2.30pm (timings are subject to change).
Venue: 19 Winchester Road, NW3 3NR (nearest tube: Swiss Cottage)
Enquiries/ registrations: 07799 107 554 // 020 8458 9388 
Further Common Info:
Please bring your Yoga mat, cushion, water bottle or whatever you might need for during relaxations.
Fees: £250 (full fees)
(50% concessions: £125 for students/ seniors/unemployed)
Also £50 off full fees for early birds who register one week in advance. And please note that the 'early bird discount' applies on full fees only and not on concessions.  
Repeaters: Welcome on a generous donation bases.
 More about Art of Breathing Course
'Breath' is a prime factor for good health and the most important source of energy. But it is also the most overlooked aspect and rated much lower down in our list of priorities. Breath purifies and energises our systems and delivers subtle but very powerful energy to every single cell of our body. Come, experience and discover the secret of BREATH. Learn how to live life to its fullest potential.

And of course, Know breathKnow life!
An Inner transformation to last a Lifetime
The Art of Breathing Course gives participants the practical knowledge and techniques to unlock their deepest potential and bring fullness to life. Whether feeling happy and successful or feeling stressed out from either fear or disappointments or poor health: every participant is taken care of on the course and he or she goes back feeling lighter and also has learnt effective tools and  techniques for releasing mental and physical stresses. Thus he or she achieves improved health, enhanced energy status, greater peace of mind, deeper self-knowledge, higher awareness and abundant joy.

What you will learn on the Course?
Sudarshan Kriya ***
'Sudarshan Kriya' is the masterpiece, a jewel in the crown of all the Art of Living Courses. It is a transformational Breathing Technique which is learnt by more than 20 million people the world over. The bye-product of the course is that it integrates body-mind-spirit and thus restoring the natural harmony and hence it is also healing.

For more on Sudarshan Kriya visit:
* Other skills for handling negative emotions and situations:
* Insight into the laws that govern mind and emotions
* Practical wisdom for improving efficiency at work and relationships
* Stretching and low-impact Yoga for health, improved circulation and body for leaving it refreshed and relaxed.

Experience Peace of Mind
Much of the stresses or limitations in life come from our own mind vacillating between regret of the past or worry about the future. And yet the present is the only place where we  experience the whole life. A remarkable feature of the course is that all the participants are able to re-discover the present moment not just as a concept but as a direct experience.

Simple Techniques for Daily Life
Participants leave with a package of simple but powerful techniques to practise at home daily. There is also the extraordinary group practice known as the weekly follow ups. They are held at various places in cities through out the world. So they will be able to remain in contact. It is specially made available for those who have already finished the course. They can join their nearest local group and refresh and reinforce their practices.
These practices are sacred treasures that have grown in value over the years enabling us to enhance its benefits and add to our continual blossoming.

Sudarshan Kriya  ***
The masterpiece of the Art of Living Courses: "The Sudarshan Kriya" is a powerful technique based on breath so it is called a healing breath or Sudarshan KriyaIt incorporates specific natural rhythms of breath into our system to release stresses and bring the mind to be in the present moment. The course also includes other Breathing techniques, Meditations, low-impact Yoga and effective skills for dealing with challenging situations and emotions.
Several independent studies on numerous benefits of the course both on the mental and physical health have been published in the international peer-reviewed journals and confirm what participants commonly report. This course has been enjoyed the most by university students, people from all walks of life and traditions, religions, churches, governments, businesses, prisons and war zones. The course is complete in itself and forms a foundation for other Art of Living programs.  

Benefits of the Course as reported by the participants:
*  Reduced stress 
*  More joy and enthusiasm
*  Improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home)
*  Greater self-esteem
*  Enhanced health and sense of well being
*  Improved interpersonal soft skills
*  Clearer perception and decision-making
*  Shining expression and enhanced beauty
*  Anti-ageing or rejuvenating effects
Kind regards, 
AOL Swiss Cottage Team

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Norway, 27th April to 1st May 2012!

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We are thrilled to invite you for an exceptional “spring cleaning” break with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Norway. This is a rare opportunity indeed – to join programmes in the presence of the founder of the Art of Living, himself. This unique event with participants from all over Scandinavia and other parts of the world will be hosted in a resort in Sarpsborg in South Norway, which is very easily accessible to all. This programme, including Art of Silence, Art of Breathing, YES!+ and ART Excel courses, offers a very special opportunity for the whole family to come together to enjoy their different courses in the presence of Sri Sri, under the same roof.

We are delighted to be able to offer a complete package for your whole stay in different categories varying from 4-bed shared rooms to single bedrooms priced for all budgets, in the comfort of the largest activity and conference hotel in Scandinavia. The hotel is located close to the E6 in short walking distance to nature and lake area.
All courses start on April 27th at 18:00 with dinner (check-in and registration from 15:00) and end on May 1st at 14:00 with lunch.

If you are interested, visit our website at or send an email to – we will be happy to email you a flyer with all practical information.

Christopher Kiran Byrt
On behalf of Art of Living Foundation-Norway

Monday, March 26, 2012

"Break your Walls": First Israeli Arab-Jewish and Palestinian Peace Camp at the European Art of Living Center in Bad Antogast - Participation for international guests still possible

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A very unique course programme will take center stage at Art of Living's European center in Germany from 10 - 16 April 2012.
The first 'Break your Walls' Peace Camp will see approx 25 young people travel in from Israel and Palestine.
The delegation from Israel will consist of both Jews and Arabs.
Joining them will be a group of Europeans. The participants, aged 18-35, will be arriving from various traditions, cultures and religions.

During the weeklong program, participants will explore interactive group processes, relaxation exercises and cultural activities to bridge differences. They will learn new ways to cope better with stress, conflict, negative emotions and how to deal with pressure.
The camp's programme is especially designed to strengthen human values and develop inner peace within each individual, thus spreading the harmony in the diversity and creating excellence in life.

"Break your Walls" is part of the Wall Project initiated by Dr. Dafna Paz from the Art of Living in Israel.
The Wall project was created in 2004 to help the Israeli population who live on the border with Gaza. At that time and during the years, they were suffering from a massive bombing attack from Gaza. Adults, youth and kids are under stress and AOL Israel was helping with the Art of Living trauma relief workshops
The aim of the Break your Walls project now is to break our individual and group mental wall, and hopefully one day this will help in breaking the physical wall.

If you would like to send participants from your countries to join this Peace Camp, please contact Camille on

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bagpipe World Guinness Record from Art of Living Bulgaria

 Do you want to spend 7 unforgettable days in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Guruji in the heavenly Rila mountains of Bulgaria on an Advanced course, 16-20th May, in Samokov Hotel in Borovets resort. Conveniently located the resort is just an hour away from Sofia airport where a shuttle service will be provided. Don't think twice, just join the party!

Come to visit one of the oldest countries in the world with one of the most vibrant and dynamic Art of Living team. Guruji says that Bulgarian people have gotten the best from the East and the best from the West.

Come and be part of Art of Living Foundation's 10th Guinness World Record - orchestra of 333 traditional bagpipes will perform on Guruji's mega public event in Arena Armeets Sofia on 21st May 2012.

How can miss all that ? ... especially knowing that Bulgaria has its reputation for top tourist destination in the world due to its inexpensive services and gorgeous nature, rich culture and ancient history.

For more details, just drop a line to or call +359 899 861 588

Jai Guru Dev ... and be with us !

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DSN in Bad Antogast, March 15th to March 18th

 Jai guru dev Dearones,
Please find above the flyer that has all the essential info about this important course that one has to finish to do TTC