Friday, January 27, 2012

DSN In Europe By Santosh ji

 After the Biggest DSN Course in Europe of 384 people, with Santosh ji, Europe is having a series of DSN courses with Santosh ji in Belarus, Poland, Germany, Estonia, France and Bulgaria from 16th Feb to 30th April. Thousands of people in and around Europe have done the course with Santosh ji, don´t miss this fantastic opportunity!

D.S.N is a wonderful course designed by OUR MASTER to make each one of us realize who we truly are. What we truly are capable of. Most of us would have experienced DIVINITY in The Art of Breathing Course/ Part - 1 and Part II Silence courses. With these chapters you would have achieved INNER PEACE! Now its time to be self-less and influence the world around us. For that we need OUTER DYNAMISM.


DSN makes you much stronger mentally , physically and spiritually.

Time to Break your Barriers
Get out of your Shell
Build up Courage and
S e e H o w a m a z i n g Y o u are!!!

Watch Out the Founder-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji speaking on DSN

Register in advance.