Friday, December 23, 2011

Pay Forward initiative YES+! Bulgaria

 Pay Forward

Join our Christmas campaign “Pay Forward”

Have you ever thought what could the power of a kind word or a compliment be?
It appears that in our busy daily life we forget all those small gestures of kindness which could mean so much to somebody…I was told a story which both impressed and inspired me. A girl went out on the street with the intention to do good deeds. She reached a bridge and there she met another girl, who was crying and
was all in tears. The first one just looked at her and gave her a compliment from the heart “You are so beautiful!” The second girl was shocked. The two girls started talking and it appeared that the crying girl was on this bridge because she wanted to jump from there and commit suicide. This was the first compliment she received in her whole life…
Our idea is to write letters with Christmas wishes. We write these letters with an innocent attitude, sincerely, as if we are writing them to someone who is very dear to us. We want to touch the hearts of the people reading. Don’t write any name of a sender or recipient. In the end of the letter, you can write: “Pay forward! Do something nice for 3 people around you”.
If you like the idea, you can start this campaign in your own country. Here in Bulgaria we will gather on the 23rd of December and we will randomly post the letters that we have gathered into different post boxes. In this way people will be able to read the letters in the morning before Christmas and start the day with a smile. Let’s be the reason for someone to smile, to be happy. We never know how much a small thing like this could mean to somebody.

P.S. Here we have made a Facebook event, so people that we don’t know personally can also participate. Such people can send the letters on our e-mail and after that we are just going to print them and post them to the post boxes. You could use your inspiration and your own ideas to spread the message.

Enjoy and have fun.
Jai Gurudev
Yes+ team Bulgaria