Friday, November 11, 2011

Marma therapy course in Bad Antogast

 Jai guru dev Dear friends,

We are very pleased to announce a new series of trainings blessed by Guruji

We are delighted to invite each of you to our next Marma therapy course, which will take place in Bad Antogast at the Sri Sri Ayurveda centre, from 7th December until 13th 2011.

The course will be led by Dr. Raturi Kumar Lokesh (B.A.M.S.), specialist in Naadi Pareeksha - the knowledge of ancient pulse diagnosis. This is a unique opportunity to learn Marma from such an experienced person. The training will include basic ancient knowledge about Marma therapy as well the basics of Ayurveda Knowledge.

What is Marma therapy?

Marma is a Sanskrit word meaning ' secret, hidden, vital.' On the surface of our body are sensitive points where energy or Prana is concentrated. Marma is the ancient technique of activating energy points on the physical level to energise and relax the whole system. By exerting gentle pressure on these Marma points, one can release the blocks and allow the Prana or life energy to flow to the connecting organs or tissues, thus giving them a new lease of life. Marma promotes a greater balance and integration of the body, mind and consciousness.


- Minimum of 2 Advanced courses or 1 advanced and 1DSN or Blessing Course or 1 advanced course and any TTC.

-- recommendation from an Art of Living teacher who knows you.

- You must also carry out daily Sadhana practice.

Please note: you must have completed at least one course in presence of Guruji (Part II or III)

Dates: The training starts on 7th December with Satsang at 7.30 pm and will finish on 13th December by 4 pm.

Training fee: 850€ / 650€ for people who followed the SSAY massage training in Italy

Accommodation:( not included ) 38 € group room without bathroom / 46€ group room with bathroom / 54€ double room +bathroom.

Contact for Marma Course: Susanne Kamp; Phone +49 7804 9136961; Email

Contact for accommodation: Magda Forys; Phone: +49 7804 97390; Email

Come and join us in this wonderful moment…enrol now!