Thursday, November 10, 2011

Intense purifying Ayurvedic Week - Virechana in Bad Antogast / Germany

 Dear friends,

Come and enjoy an intense purifying Ayurvedic treatment, Virechana in Bad Antogast before winter begins! Guided by Ayurvedacharya Lokesh Kumar Raturi (B.A.M.S.)From 18th November till 28th November 2011 there is the unique opportunity to have a 5/ 8/ or 10 day`s Virechana, a herbal purgation therapy which cleanses the system and reduces Pitta. Virechana purifies the blood by clearing the toxins from the body. It helps to treat a number of Pitta related problems such as skin diseases, Liver Problems, chronic fever, allergic asthma, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, eye problems, gynecological disorders, headaches and migraines

Autumn is the time when Pitta is aggravated and subsequently creates disease in the body. It is the best time to balance Pitta and to detox the body so that imbalances during winter and spring can be avoided.Dr. Lokesh Kumar Raturi, specialist in Naadi Pareeksha - the knowledge of ancient pulse diagnosis will guide the therapy, suggesting all the needed treatments to prepare yourself for Virechana.

Before beginning the treatment special treatments such as Snehapana (drinking ghee), Snehana (body oil massages) , Swedhana (steam), together with a special diet will help to prepare the body fully for the treatment.

Book the treatment that suits you: 1 Sathya Virechana – light detox for 4 days + 1 day of rest 2 Classical Virechana – complete detox for 7 days + 1 day o rest 3 Detox & rejuvenation for 10 days – 7 day Classical Virechana + 3 days of Matra Vasti

Please don't hesitate to contact us in any case at: info@srisriayurveda, Phone- 0049(0) 7804 9136961 With best regards, jgd Susanne Kamp & Sri Sri Ayurveda Team
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