Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DSN & Sri Sri Yoga together for the first time in Stockholm the 8th - 11 th of december

Jai guru dev dear ones,

For the first time ever, DSN and Sri Sri Yoga course together with Bhamini and Santosh. 

IPOD inner peace and outer dynamism
Inner Peace through Sri Sri Yoga and dynamism through Sri Sri YOGA
Rediscover your true potential and inner strength

Date: 8-11 december
Venue: Björknäs Kyrka, Björknäs Centrum, (Nacka), Stockholm
Time: 8 dec 17.59 till 15.00 h the 11 th of dec.

To register: stockholm@artofliving.seName, Adress, e-mail, adress and Mobile Nr. 0762 123 780 
Registration closes on 5th dec  5.59 pm

Limited seats. First come ? First serve!
Pay to Art of Living Swedish bank account number 5718-2388.
Write DSN Sthlm 111205 + your name in the message.

Price only 3850 sek (members, 4 200 non members) for both Sri Sri Yoga & DSN .
Two courses in one DSN & Sri Sri Yoga!

For more information: see or +46 762 123 780