Thursday, November 10, 2011

AYURVEDIC COOKING COURSE: Organise in your city

 Jai guru dev dearones,
Different foods promote different moods. To put it simply, we can eat ourselves happy, hyper or heavy.

It allows you to relax and connect to your true self easier, improving the quality of your life with a smile from within. In 4 days (15 hrs) you will taste and help to prepare the most fresh, colourful uplifting dishes and receive knowledge about:

your personal body constitution
which food makes you happy, hyper or heavy
how to increase energy level
spices and their characteristic qualities
proper food preparation

The course is conducted by ayurvedic chef and author of the book ´Happy, hyper or heavy? Which food makes you happy?’ Wayne Featherstone. An experience you will not forget!

Stockholm, Sweden 17-20 November.
Helsinki, Finland 22-27 November.
Lisbon, Portugal 6-11 December.

To organize this Course in your city, contact: or +31655 187 143

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