Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrating One Year of Service

Jai Gurudev Dear Ones,

Art of Living Universe completes 1 year of service! Guruji's blessings, your love and support has given us the strength and guidance to serve better and more.

Below are the contributions made by the Art of Living Universe, in this 1 year:


Though information was available on the internet, a medium was required, which could deliver the information to all of us. Art of Living Universe took the initiative, to deliver not just Sri Sri's Knowledge topics, but also keep you updated with the authentic updates related to Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We started with the Email subscriptions. Today, we are a big family of more than 24,000 subscribers!

While Sri Sri travels so many places in a year, we do not get to see His Tour pictures. Hence we started with the Sri Sri Tour photos and Art of Living Ashram Photo Gallery. Thanks to your contribution and sharing of pictures, these sections have benefited millions!

We took the initiative to reduce the gap of awareness of Art of Living Mega events. It helped us in staying updated on which Art of Living Mega Event is happening where!

For Blessings, we needed to contact an Art of Living Blesser, physically. Art of Living Universe, started with the Online Blessings section. A special thanks to all the Art of Living Blessers, Teachers, volunteers, Swami Paramtej ji and the Art of Living Global Site for making this happen!


Our official Facebook page, has made efforts, to promote Art of Living Events, new services, other official facebook pages, post updates, knowledge, Bhagvad Gita and lots more! You may visit the page here:

Contributions in the form of more facebook pages like Sri Sri's Knowledge videos, Largest collection of Sri Sri's photos, Art of Living India project and lots more! To know more about our Facebook pages: Click Here

Lastly, we would love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions, feedback will only help us improve!

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