Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peace and Harmony in the Black Forest - Navaratri 10 days Silence course in German Ashram


Nava means nine and Ratri is made up of Ra - night and Tri meaning the three aspects of our life, body, mind and soul.  So Navaratri means giving rest to all the three aspects of our life for nine days.

Navaratri will, of course, be celebrated in Bangalore ashram this October but there is also the opportunity for a great alternative! You can join a ten days silence retreat in the quiet and beauty of the Black Forest in Bad Antogast, Germany. Here you can enjoy deep rest and introspection and for ten day nurture your body, mind and soul.

The teacher on this very special course will be Christopher Kiran Byrt whose skills need no introduction to the AOL Family. The only requirement is that you have completed three Art of Silence (Part 2 or 3) courses.

The course starts with satsang on the 30th of October and finishes at lunchtime on the 9th November. Share Navaratri with the Art of Living One World Family at this special time. After the fantastic celebrations in Berlin every country in Europe is channeling their energies towards creating a peaceful, stress free world.  We all know, this world starts with us.

So take time out in Bad Antogast to enjoy time with yourself, with all the peace and harmony that this wonderful mountain retreat has to offer. Balance body with delicious food and the beauties of nature, mind with quiet, meditation and knowledge so skillfully taught by Christopher Kiran Byrt and spirit with a celebration that is shared all around the world by people like you seeking peace and harmony.

For more information and the application form please call us at 0049780497390 or email at

With Love,

Your Bad Antogast Team