Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lets make YES! a permanent institution

Buckle up: We are in the midst of preparing for a quantum leap.

The YES! – We Can Course will be our stepping stone!

All of you have heard about this course and many of you have taken it. We aim to become a permanent institution in major European cities. We want to be there for young people who are facing problems. We want to have fun together, laugh, dance, sing, play music and give them support … It's a huge project that will need a lot of assistance and funding. But first we will need your assistance in finding a real cool name …

What we are looking for is a name that will give us street credibility in the eyes of young people in Europe's capitals, something grounded, something that goes down well with them, simple, but outside the box.

Do you have any ideas? It needs to match our plans but should also have the capacity to suit a new European youth movement.

We are looking forward for your idea.

Christoph Koellner

Jaya Guru Deva