Monday, July 25, 2011

Navratri-2011 seats filling by 30th July

Dear One,

Just a reminder to you regarding the Navratri 2011 at the International Art of Living Center, Bangalore. 

The seats for Navratri 2011 ( 28 sept - 6 oct ) have been specially reserved only for Internationals. 
However we might be opening these seats to all ( Indian Nationals as well ) after 30th of july. 
So, you may see a sudden and fast reduction in the availability of seats for Navratri 2011 after 30th july.

If you are planning to come for Navratri to the Ashram this year, please book your seat before 30th july through

Also, please visit the Navratri website to find more details:

Jai Gurudev !
Ashram Events Team