Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Macedonian Art of Living teacher was awarded for humanity


Dear friends,


With a great joy, we would like to announce that our dear friend and AOL teacher, Goran Popovski has won another award - Award for the humanist, for outstanding philanthropic commitment and contribution for the development of philanthropy in Macedonia for 2010. The award was given by the Center for Institutional Development - CIRa, an institution formed by the local staff of USAID and supported in large part by the European Union and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, which tells of the high level of the reward.


Knowing his humility, kindness and his great heart, this reward once again confirms his characteristic as a human person that with his volunteer work unselfishly helps and provides a hand where is needed.

Let his actions and deeds wake us in every sense of humanity and show us a good example of a man whose work should be followed.


Love & Jai Guru Dev,