Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drummers are required for WCF

Dear All,

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will give award to Nelson Mandela on 3 July. Just before
this there will be 500 African drums to celebrate Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of
Living and IAHV and pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. Drum will be provided. There
are 554 drums in Berlin. At least 10 people from each country need to register.
Please register on this link

Or get in touch with Ryan Wilson 0033 685 44 3120

Jai Gurudev :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

International Art of Living Holidays on beautiful Adriatic islands at amazing prices!


Island of Iž, Croatia, 16th to 23rd July 2011 & 13th to 20th August 2011

Island of Silba, Croatia, Yes!+ Camp 23rd to 30th July 2011

Dear friends,

What to do and where to go after the biggest event of the year 2011 in Berlin?

It is our great pleasure to invite you for another Art of Living summer at the Adriatic cost. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the unique combination of relaxation, knowledge, beautiful nature, swimming, sunbathing, sports, dancing and singing on the beautiful island of Iž from 16th till 23rd of July and from 13th till 20th of August.

The island of Iž is situated in the Zadar archipelago, between islands Dugi Otok and Ugljan, north of Kornati. Enjoy the scents and colors of Mediterranean, relax in the untouched nature and clear sea, try excellent vegetarian food prepared in a traditional manner and rest in the hotel by the sea with programs specialized for ecological, health and holistic content.

During this week's holiday you and every member of your family, according to age and interests, will have the opportunity to be a part of one of these workshops and activities:

Art Excel & YES!

A program for children and youth that emphasizes creativity, friendship and self-confidence. We learn how to relax and handle problems and negative emotions, how to cooperate in a team, how to be happy and share happiness with others, and how to develop a sense of belonging - through a fun, interactive program full of surprises.

The workshop contains the basics of yoga and effective breathing techniques that helps remove fears. tension, depression and other negative emotions.

Art Excel workshop is designed for children aged 8-13 years.
Yes! workshop is design for youngsters aged 14-17 years.


Yes!+ is an innovative and dynamic educational program for students and young professionals aged 19-30 years. We learn how to improve life skills such as public speech and performance, time management, organization and priority setting, leadership skills, techniques to improve concentration, preserving psycho-physical health, creativity and how to be dynamic in action and calm at the same time.

The workshop is composed of challenging and fun physical exercises, yoga, practical knowledge, breathing techniques and interactive processes that improve concentration, memory and focus.

Art of Breathing Course

A workshop intended for adults comprising practical knowledge as how to cope with everyday life challenges in this rapid lifestyle such as stress, anxiety and negative emotions; then interactive exercises, the basics of yoga, stretching and relaxing exercises, meditation and powerful breathing techniques, including Sudarshan Kriya, an unique breathing technique.

Reduced level of stress, more joy and enthusiasm, improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home), greater self-confidence, a clearer perception and easier decision making, reduced health problems and improved overall physical and mental condition - are just some of the benefits offered by this workshop.

Sri Sri Yoga Course

Teaches the wisdom and techniques of yoga in a fun way. We will learn a very gentle and invigorating set of postures that have a beneficial effect on the body, Yogic breathing which brings more oxygen into our system, improves heart function and nourishes our whole body, and relaxation techniques for a full and deep relaxation.

Sri Sri Yoga Course for children aged 2-6 years

Dynamic and gentle exercises, breathing techniques and a lot of fun for the youngest. Parents can also attend the workshop and thereby have an experience of intimacy and trust.

Sahaj Samadhi meditation

Eternity process

Practical information:

Holidays include accomodation in Korinjak hotel ( or the camping site within the premises of the hotel, just by the sea, full board with delicious vegetarian food.

Accommodation prices per person:

Renovated Maslina pavilion:
1. single room, full board, 7 days – 446 Eur
2. double room, full board, 7 days – 378 Eur

Lavanda pavilion:
3. triple room, balcony, full board, 7 days – 324 Eur
4. double room, full board, 7 days – 250 Eur

5. own tent, camp fascilities on disposal, full board, 7 days – 200 Eur
Possibility to rent a tent – 6 Eur per day + 5 Eur bedding and a mattress

Children under 3 years - free of charge (4 Eur per day for an extra bed in the room).
Children aged 3-8 years - 50% of the full price.
Accommodation is payed directly at the hotel upon arrival.

Course prices vary according to your country's price list.

Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your application and payment of the course fee.


Ivana Mihalinec I M +385 91 2865 220
Snjezana Nisevic I M +385 91 111 7779

Silba Island

Yes!+ Kamp

23rd to 30th July 2011

Yoga Energy Self-confidence!+ much more...

Big Yes!+ Camp on the magical island of pedestrians, island of Silba from 23rd till 30th of July. On the beautiful coast of Croatia, located a few meters from the beach, we will have a chance to dive as into the sea, also into the depth of our being, with a dynamic program and numerous Yes!+ surprises!

Practice, jump, dance, party - have fun with Yes!+!
Swim, meditate, sleep - rest with Yes!+!

About YES!+ Course:
YES!+ (Youth Empowerment Seminar) is the course for improving life skills and practical knowledge designed for young people, as well as for the young in their hearts! In this workshop learn how to get rid of stress and negative emotions, how to develop and express your full potential, whether it be on studies, work, professional or personal relationships. This dynamic program has influenced lives of thousands around the world with its benefits: better focus, enhanced memory, stronger immune system, increased energy, creativity, serenity of spirit. Through interactive and entertaining guided exercises, breathing techniques and processes participants integrate acquired knowledge into the every day life.

Silba Island:
Silba Island, known as a pedestrians island is situated in Zadar archipelago, between the islands of Olib and Premuda, and is only 8 km in length. It exudes with an exceptional beauty and tranquility. The most beautiful sandy beach on the island Šotorišće is located in the camp. By many roads that guide you through the island, you will easily find beautiful beaches and coves. As the island is free of cars and motorcycles, peace and quietness allow us to get in touch with the nature. 

Practical information:

Holidays include accommodation at the youth camp Mirta in bungalows or in the buliding, right beside the sea, with full board with delicious vegetarian food.

Accommodation price with full board is 190 eur.

Course prices vary according to your country's price list.
Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your application and payment of the course fee.


Ivana Mihalinec I M +385 91 2865 220
Gordana Tihomirovic I M +385 98 246 605, +385 91 531 3737

For traveling information from London call:
Nikoleta Tomova: - 07411188146 or

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rishi Nityapragyaji's Interview recording with BBC on 21/6/11

Jai guru dev all,

Rishi Nithyapragyaji was interviewed  LIVE on The BBC Asian network on 21st June 2011  from Birmingham with Famous Presenter Sonia Deol

The link is below of the recording. The recording will remain for 7 days on the BBC website.

Rishi Nithyapragyaji was  on AIR at 11:14 am British Time

so on the link if you can move the cursor on the BBC iplayer to 1:14:15

This will save you listening to the whole programme


Monday, June 20, 2011

Urgent need of volunteers for WCF in Berlin

Jai guru dev all,

We need 50 volunteers, who can come tomorrow, or latest tomorrow night to Potsdamerstrasse 98 in Berlin, AOL Center to help for outreach. If you manage to come until this time, we will take care for your accommodation, food, and a ticket for the World Culture Festival. You just need to take care for your travel expenses, bring a sleeping bag and aalll the enthusiasm you have! :) And just come! It will be completely amazing experience! :)) We expect you as soon as possible! Meet you soon! And all the best!

You have to register first for 2 minutes on this page , so that we know who is coming. :)

Thank you so much!


When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Friday, June 17, 2011

Push the World Culture Festival Video to the TOP

Dear all,

Please click following link NOW to help us push the World Culture Festival Video to the TOP =)
Publish and share it with all known Facebook AOL GROUPS, facebook friends, twitter and request your followers to click, comment and rate the video.

Youtube link:

Please note that it is very important to comment and rate the video.

Thanks a lot.

Jai Gurudev


Seva Opportunity

Dear All,

Berlin Team is looking for volunteers from July 1st to July 3rd.  If
you are available during this time to volunteer, please register
yourself by Friday at

Seva Warriors will be needed already on Friday for briefing on their
job description and later fully engaged till Sunday 16:00.  If you are
available during this time
please register

Let me know if you have any questions

Thank you
Berlin Team

Seva brings merit; Merit allows you to go deeper in meditation; Meditation brings back your smile ~ Sri Sri

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I meditate for Peace" - Join in the millions around the globe!!

Join in with millions on 2 July at 8:30 pm to Meditate for World Peace!!

This meditation is part of the World culture festival at Berlin (2 - 3 July 2011)

For all those who cannot physically come in you can meditate over the live webcast of the same

Confirm your participation in the meditation on the following link

Share with all and add this in your calendar!


- I meditate for peace. -

Come and join people all around the globe, meditating at the same time for global peace and harmony.
And –YOU- can be part of it!

How it goes:

- Gather with as many people as possible at any location
- At 20:30pm Central European Time join in people around the globe, spending a few minutes in complete silence, sitting next to each other and meditating, coming

together as One Family with One Goal: Peace.
- Take a picture of your group and upload it to
- Feel free to be creative, e.g. wearing TShirts saying 'I meditate for peace' etc.

Witness the peace meditation live in the Olympiastadion Berlin during the World Culture Festival (WCF) where people from so many countries, cultures, religions and

walks of life will unite in harmony for peace, or join people all around the world, meditating simultaenously

Spread the word!

Only together we can make a difference.

Let's make this happen!
2nd of July all around the world - come and be a part - meditate for peace!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stage is getting set

Dear all,
Have a look on the huge list of artists performing at World Culture Festival in Berlin. Bring everyone around you. Let everybody enjoy this event of a lifetime.

See you all in Berlin

Jai guru dev :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

2 minute quick seva that can promote WCF

Dear Ones, 

Please click following link NOW to help us push the World Culture Festival Video to the TOP =) 
Publish and share it with all known Facebook AOL GROUPS, facebook friends, twitter and request your followers to click, comment and rate the video.

Please note that is very important to comment and rate the video. 

Thanks a lot.

Jai Gurudev


Skype: Krishi108

check it out:

The World Culture Festival:

Über die Art of Living:

Die Kunst des Atmens:

ein bisschen Yoga? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear all,

Check out the list of amazing artists that are already confirmed for the World Culture Festival in Berlin on 2-3 July 2011...
There are still tickets available, so spread the word!

Do also check out this beautiful trailer... Do not miss it! Be there for the World Culture Festival in Berlin, Germany 2-3 July 2011!
See also

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Accommodate yours or (your beloved ones) portrait and name as a part of the World Culture Festival Magazine

Jai guru dev all,

The World Culture Festival is coming soon and we look forward to welcoming you in Berlin on 2nd July!

Great news! We are happy to announce that you can accommodate yours or (your beloved ones) portrait and name as a part of the Magazine of the World Culture Festival, which will be distributed to the participants and our wide network.

We have spaces for 108 people who would like to support the magazine and it's message on Guruji's vision and AOL work in 30 years, by stating their names and donating 108 euro.

Few spaces are still left! Deadline for submitting your portrait is on June 11th!

For more information please send us an email on or call: +49 17632250232

With best regards from sunny Berlin,

Jai Gurudev,

Your WCF team.


Portrait size: 25 mm * 24 mm

Details for Bank transfer:

Art of Living gGmbH

Account Number:  4902005603

Volksbank Nordheide eG,

BLZ.  24060300

IBAN DE 50240603004902005603


VAT ID: DE5022001132

Transfer reference: JMPortrait_Your Name_Country

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 strings multiplied by two thousand is???

exactly!!! Really a loooot.

This is how many strings will play together in the olympic stadion in Berlin.

We have received application from guitarist from more than fifty countries.

Grand Guitar Ensemble for Peace
2nd and 3nd July 2011 in Berlin...Where else?

Be Part of it! Register now:

The application deadline is June 15. for further information please write to

Loooots of Love from Berlin


PS.: A choir of 3000 singers & 1000 drummers will be also there.....