Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What after Berlin? Holidays Beyond Expectations! In the Beauty of Montenegro!




Kotor, 17-24.07 / Durmitor, 24-31.07.2011.


Experience after 2010.

Anja Markovic, Slovenia

"This was one of the most wonderful experience. I have met and got to know so many wonderful people, seen so many wonderful places and I have felt such peace and joy, that I still cannot fully comprehend. I was supposed to fly home after one week in Kotor, but I prolonged this amazing holiday and stayed a couple of days more. Once again I have realized there is much more to life than just worrying, going to work and home, chasing after money and just dealing with problems all the time. There is nature for us to contemplate, lightness of being and breathing, connecting with people on subtler levels, there are energies flowing around us and through us, there is love and wonder.

I don't know what I have done to deserve such joyful holidays during which I have learnt so much. Maybe it is just that I have suffered enough for this to happen. Balance...

I just hope I will be able to remember and keep this feeling in my everyday life. Thank you all who have shared moments in Montenegro and Serbia with me."


Kotor is the only fjord in the Mediterranean, and in 2000. was included in one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. Due to the unique mixture of different cultural influences Kotor was added in 1979. to the List of World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It's one of the few Mediterranean cities which preserved its fortification system which was developed trough centuries. At 260 m above sea level is the fortress of San Giovanni, which is based on a trace of Illyrian times.

Durmitor National Park, because of its beauty and characteristics has been declared a natural good in 1952. and some parts were included in the World Heritage in 1980. At relatively small area of powerful tectonic activity and erosion, river and glacier, mountain world of fantastic shapes had been created. The region is enriched with freshness of many colors mountain lakes, vast coniferous forests, relict beech groves, dark green colonies of juniper, and many wild river canyon valley.

Travel plan!


Sunday to Sunday! The first Sunday is off, we arrive and accommodate. Other days, schedule: 6h to 8.30h Yoga / 9h vegetarian breakfast / vegetarian lunch 14h / 17h until 18.30h Patanjali Yoga Sutras / 19h vegetarian dinner


Kotor: Monastery, Palace Ivanovic in Dobrota, near St Stasija, sunniest part of the city, surrounded by a garden. Single and double rooms. On the coast, 5km from the old town, the most beautiful terrace Bay of Kotor! Breakfast and dinner at the place where we stay, lunch at a restaurant Babilon, 50m far from the accommodation.


Durmitor: Accommodation in private houses (double rooms), vegetarian meals in the restoran. In between Yoga and Knowledge sessions we will crossing the mountain with a professional guide.


Arrangement includes


  1.  Fee for both seminars: Sri Sri Yoga and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

  2.  Accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals for 7 days.


The arrangement was made on the basis of a minimum of 20 participants. In the case of an insufficient number of applicants for realization of the arrangements, the deadline for cancellation of arrangement is 15 days before the date of departure.


Price: 250 euros per person

The deadline for application and 50% payment: 1th June. Other 50%: 1th July.


This program has been planned for minimum of 20 people. In the case of short coming of participants, cancellation of the program will be notified 15 days before the scheduled start of program.


To apply and get more information, please contact:


Irena Paunovic +381 64 292 4881 irenapaunovich@gmail.com       

Aleksandra Grujovic +381 64 2126 112, +382 69 461 506 aleksandra.grujovic@gmail.com