Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Experience sharing from Berlin

Dear all,

Jai Guru Dev. Greeting from Berlin where magic is happening everyday. Would you believe me if I told you that this amazing event is in the hands of 50 people, a handful experienced teachers and project leaders with the majority being youngsters in their twenties with little experience but through enthusiasm and energy are achieving amazing things? Would you believe me when I tell how each evening at satsang we laugh in wonder when sharing the miracle stories of how the grace flowed that day? Each day is a surprise to us and while there is a plan, we simply show up to meetings and things just happen in front of our eyes while we just sit and smile. I'll give you an example. Today Christoph and Rajita met with the owner of a Football Club and Media Agency and they expected to be in and out in 20 minutes. But before they knew it he set up a number of TV interviews for Guruji including one on the station we have been trying to get on, without success for some time. AND it happened that all the top management consultants were in the office for the monthly meeting and they all spent an hour with us brainstorming ideas and suggestions of what more we can do. All this for NOTHING, if we had to pay their consultancy fees! Another volunteer working with us is an actor and he invited 2 friends (one is a Director and the other an actress) for a meeting with Swami Pragyapad and Rajita. They chatted for 20 minutes then asked them, not expecting anything, what they could do for us... Next thing they offered to get 50 celebrities to make a video for U-tube promoting the event, and make a pledge for peace in the stadium. AND the director offered his time to coordinate VIP's and provide VIP Mercedes cars for us at no cost! Doors are just opening once we knock lightly. Grace is flowing in abundance. Another example is MTV who just appeared seemingly out of nowhere and who want to partner with us. The list goes on and on. The Olympic stadium team are also in awe (and a little, no I lie, a whole lot nervous) at how we are managing to do this event on our budget and how we managing pulling things together in such a short time. Remember this is Germany with hundreds of rules and regulations that need to be approved well in advance, yet somehow things are happening just in time.

There are also so many stories of how devotees with financial difficulties have booked a ticket determined to come and then the abundance has come to them. Similarly teachers from other countries who should be working at home on this but are doing seva here, are finding that things are happening at home all by itself e.g. Iran, a group of 40 have already paid and registered for all courses etc despite have restraints in getting funds out of the country. It is so inspiring! When Guruji was here recently, one of the questions asked of him was, "How can we improve our technique in getting people to come?" The reply? "In a relaxed and easy manner, you simply tell them to come!". That is all he is asking us to do, the rest is in his hands and happening around us. He also told us when asked about the significance of the event, "Peace will spread from Berlin to Europe and down to Africa where there is so much violence and unrest (mentioned North Africa)." So by coming along and being here that is the gift you are giving the world and the legacy you will be part of leaving to all the children of the world. JUST COME! Much Love from Berlin JGD Denise Denise Humphris

(FWD by Denise, a South African teacher (presently in Berlin)]

When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar