Sunday, May 1, 2011

DSN experience From Croatia

There are no words which could express what was happening at this DSN in all of us and what is happening after... But I'll try anyway :)

So much love, so much happiness, sooo much gratitude... The energy at the course was amazing, I experienced so much there.. I released lot of emotions, situations, that were obviously holding me back. The processes were sooooo incredibly powerful! The intensity of emotions I felt, the intensity of letting go and surrender... Hard to describe it. And sooooo, soooooo much fun!! I do not remember last time I had so much fun! I had time of my life there! And I can tell without thinking that this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My heart opened so much! Oh and we all cried during all those powerful processes, and I have felt such a relief... I have surrendered so much... The processes were so wonderful... Parents process, oh how much of emotions have gone out.. And what a gratitude! Unexpressable! Tears could not stop flowing, they just kept going, and going...! I have never expereienced such a gratitude; most amazing feeling! Crying out of gratitude – wow, that is life! I am so grateful that I experienced it, that I felt it, that it is our natural state... Wow... And blessing process, oh my God there are no words to express the beauty of it... And that surrender, when you bow and just surrender it all... What a relief, what a gratitude, what love... And all the people there, oh I feel so connected to all of them! Like one huuge family, brothers and sisters, all of us! There was (still is :)) so much love that we spread between us and all around us! At this course I experienced what it really means - that sentence: "Life is enthusiasm, Life is joy, Life is love"! I felt such love there, enthusiasm, joy; we have all celebrated life, we were all like one! It was just......magical... And our dearest Santosh have opened our hearts, and he helped us all to raise energy and to open, to celebrate, to love, to enjoy... He is such an amazing leader, teacher, father... Such love and light... I'd spend all my time with him! :) He gave us so much, taught us so much.. I am so grateful to him as well as to all teachers, people who have been there, and to our dearest Guruji! During the course, while we were singing one bhajan, the Guruji's face showed up in my heart, and I felt like he has settled there, right in my heart... And whenever I think of him, and that picture of him in my heart, I feel such gratitude, love, my heart gets warm... Wonderful.....

And after the course – everything is sooo synchronized! Everything is just flowing, everything is like it should be, everything is happening in the best way. And when I think of something that might worry me or something, I just surrender it to Guruji and let go.. and after it turns out amazing! Wow, I really experience(d) the power of surrender, trust and letting go... And it is so, sooo wonderful how loving, happy and uplifting we all together are! I am so blessed that I have been at this course, with this group, with Santosh, with Guruji... I feel like our lives are turning around, like something new and big and amazing has started..! And Santosh is such an inspiration, oh I'd like to be like him :) He shared so much wonderful knowledge and gave such inspiration to do Padma Sadhana and whole program, to keep going, spreading love, oneness, happiness, Art of Living! And our amazing teachers who put effort into organizing all this, and who are supporting the whole group and helping us to stay in touch! Everyone is giving their best, their 100%! :D

I want everyone to feel like we do, and better, better, and keep going..!!

Thank You, Thank You All!!!

Jay Guru Dev!

From heart with love,
Tamara PetruĊĦa