Saturday, May 28, 2011

Your photos at Photography Exhibition in the World Culture Festival, Berin 2011

Your photos at The 30 Year Art of Living Photography Exhibition at the World Culture Festival, Berin 2011:

This amazing exhibition that will take place in the unique setting of the Olympic Stadium, and will showcase to all the visitors of the festival, the activities of the Art of Living Worldwide in the past 30 Years.

This is a unique chance to show thousands from around the world the AOL work that has been happening in your country, and it only requires you to collect the best AOL photos from your country and sending them to us electronically.

Simply by sending us Art of Living related photos from your country, you can be a part of this great exhibition, and be a part of this wonderful event.

Further info:
  • Selection of 50-100 photos of AOL activities in your country (or as many as you can have)
  • Small description about what the photo shows, e.g. Course or Service project (just a few words)
  • Photos to be 300 dpi resolution and minimum 10 x 15 cm (slightly less acceptable if photo is very good)
  • Deadline for Submission of photos 31 May 2011
  • Photos to be taken by us or with permission of photographer (not photos that could be copyrighted from other photographers)

Please contact us if you need any further information

We look forward to hearing from you, and having you be part of making this event a great success,

Lots of Love and Jai Guru Dev,

Your 30 Years of Art of Living Exhibition Team

Tel: +49 3025358330
Mob: +49 1756058827

Thursday, May 26, 2011

UK's MEGA Part 1 course : Rishi Nityapragya : "Early bird gift ends 31st May" : Slough,UK

Dear all,

Following the phenominal "Musical Concert" with Rishiji in Slough an opportunity of a lifetime for a "Art of Breathing"/Part 1 course this June at SLOUGH

Book online ASAP to avail of "Early bird" gift ends 31st May: **SPECIAL MEDITATION CD ** By Sri Sri Ravishankar

When  : 16th to 19th June 2011(Thursday to Sunday)
Weekdays 7pm to 10pm, Weekends 10am to 3pm

What : SPECIAL Course (New processes and New knowledge) Rishiji is 1 of the top International teachers and he trains AOL teachers worldwide and rarely conducts Part 1 courses like this so BE THERE

Who :  International AOL teacher Rishi Nityapragya

Where : "Ramgarhia Educational and Cultural Centre,Woodland avenue,Slough, SL13BU"  (Ample free car parking)

Cost : £250 (2 for 1 offer,last course at the discounted price),Repeaters £50

Registration and Payment link

Enquiries : Reshma on +4478345 71904

                       ******Accomodation and Child care available****

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily LIVE satsang with Sri Sri


When: Daily until 26th May

Timings: Saturday: 7 - 8 pm IST; Sunday: 4 pm IST

Link to watch webcast: OR OR

Special Talk: 26 May: Talk on 'Effect of Mantras' by Sri Sri

Jai Gurudev!

Start practicing to sing Bhajans for WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL

Dear all,

Guruji (Sri Sri) asked me some weeks ago to record two bhajans for the World Culture Festival - Hare Narayana and Om namah shivaya - and to share them with as many people as possible all over the world. Our intention is that everyone learns these songs, so that we can all sing them together in Berlin.

Please click here to find the files: 

My request to you would be to help me, to make these two mp3 files accessible to people, singers, choirs and satsanggroups. They can also help you to invite choirs and singers for the Berlin event and to introduce and practice the bhajans in your satsang groups.

I think it will be wonderful to sing these two bhajans with so many people. I am grateful for any support.

If you have any questions I can be contacted by telephone in the ashram:

Tel.: 0049/07804-973 9 6512

or by e-mail:

Love to you all

Jai Guru Dev

Brigitta Gasser, German ashram


When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What after Berlin? Holidays Beyond Expectations! In the Beauty of Montenegro!




Kotor, 17-24.07 / Durmitor, 24-31.07.2011.


Experience after 2010.

Anja Markovic, Slovenia

"This was one of the most wonderful experience. I have met and got to know so many wonderful people, seen so many wonderful places and I have felt such peace and joy, that I still cannot fully comprehend. I was supposed to fly home after one week in Kotor, but I prolonged this amazing holiday and stayed a couple of days more. Once again I have realized there is much more to life than just worrying, going to work and home, chasing after money and just dealing with problems all the time. There is nature for us to contemplate, lightness of being and breathing, connecting with people on subtler levels, there are energies flowing around us and through us, there is love and wonder.

I don't know what I have done to deserve such joyful holidays during which I have learnt so much. Maybe it is just that I have suffered enough for this to happen. Balance...

I just hope I will be able to remember and keep this feeling in my everyday life. Thank you all who have shared moments in Montenegro and Serbia with me."


Kotor is the only fjord in the Mediterranean, and in 2000. was included in one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. Due to the unique mixture of different cultural influences Kotor was added in 1979. to the List of World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It's one of the few Mediterranean cities which preserved its fortification system which was developed trough centuries. At 260 m above sea level is the fortress of San Giovanni, which is based on a trace of Illyrian times.

Durmitor National Park, because of its beauty and characteristics has been declared a natural good in 1952. and some parts were included in the World Heritage in 1980. At relatively small area of powerful tectonic activity and erosion, river and glacier, mountain world of fantastic shapes had been created. The region is enriched with freshness of many colors mountain lakes, vast coniferous forests, relict beech groves, dark green colonies of juniper, and many wild river canyon valley.

Travel plan!


Sunday to Sunday! The first Sunday is off, we arrive and accommodate. Other days, schedule: 6h to 8.30h Yoga / 9h vegetarian breakfast / vegetarian lunch 14h / 17h until 18.30h Patanjali Yoga Sutras / 19h vegetarian dinner


Kotor: Monastery, Palace Ivanovic in Dobrota, near St Stasija, sunniest part of the city, surrounded by a garden. Single and double rooms. On the coast, 5km from the old town, the most beautiful terrace Bay of Kotor! Breakfast and dinner at the place where we stay, lunch at a restaurant Babilon, 50m far from the accommodation.


Durmitor: Accommodation in private houses (double rooms), vegetarian meals in the restoran. In between Yoga and Knowledge sessions we will crossing the mountain with a professional guide.


Arrangement includes


  1.  Fee for both seminars: Sri Sri Yoga and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

  2.  Accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals for 7 days.


The arrangement was made on the basis of a minimum of 20 participants. In the case of an insufficient number of applicants for realization of the arrangements, the deadline for cancellation of arrangement is 15 days before the date of departure.


Price: 250 euros per person

The deadline for application and 50% payment: 1th June. Other 50%: 1th July.


This program has been planned for minimum of 20 people. In the case of short coming of participants, cancellation of the program will be notified 15 days before the scheduled start of program.


To apply and get more information, please contact:


Irena Paunovic +381 64 292 4881       

Aleksandra Grujovic +381 64 2126 112, +382 69 461 506



World Culture Festival news letter - 7

Monday, May 16, 2011

What after Berlin? International Art of Living Holidays





Island of Iž, Croatia, 16th to 23rd July 2011 & 13th to 20th August 2011

Island of Silba, Croatia, Yes!+ Camp 23rd to 30th July 2011


Dear friends,


What to do and where to go after the biggest event of the year 2011 in Berlin?


It is our great pleasure to invite you for another Art of Living summer at the Adriatic cost. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the unique combination of relaxation, knowledge, beautiful nature, swimming, sunbathing, sports, dancing and singing on the beautiful island of Iž from 16th till 23rd of July and from 13th till 20th of August.


The island of Iž is situated in the Zadar archipelago, between islands Dugi Otok and Ugljan, north of Kornati. Enjoy the scents and colors of Mediterranean, relax in the untouched nature and clear sea, try excellent vegetarian food prepared in a traditional manner and rest in the hotel by the sea with programs specialized for ecological, health and holistic content.


During this week's holiday you and every member of your family, according to age and interests, will have the opportunity to be a part of one of these workshops and activities:


Art Excel & YES!


A program for children and youth that emphasizes creativity, friendship and self-confidence. We learn how to relax and handle problems and negative emotions, how to cooperate in a team, how to be happy and share happiness with others, and how to develop a sense of belonging - through a fun, interactive program full of surprises.


The workshop contains the basics of yoga and effective breathing techniques that helps remove fears. tension, depression and other negative emotions.


Art Excel workshop is designed for children aged 8-13 years.

Yes! workshop is design for youngsters aged 14-17 years.





Yes!+ is an innovative and dynamic educational program for students and young professionals aged 19-30 years. We learn how to improve life skills such as public speech and performance, time management, organization and priority setting, leadership skills, techniques to improve concentration, preserving psycho-physical health, creativity and how to be dynamic in action and calm at the same time.


The workshop is composed of challenging and fun physical exercises, yoga, practical knowledge, breathing techniques and interactive processes that improve concentration, memory and focus.



Art of Breathing Course


A workshop intended for adults comprising practical knowledge as how to cope with everyday life challenges in this rapid lifestyle such as stress, anxiety and negative emotions; then interactive exercises, the basics of yoga, stretching and relaxing exercises, meditation and powerful breathing techniques, including Sudarshan Kriya, an unique breathing technique.


Reduced level of stress, more joy and enthusiasm, improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home), greater self-confidence, a clearer perception and easier decision making, reduced health problems and improved overall physical and mental condition - are just some of the benefits offered by this workshop.



Sri Sri Yoga Course


Teaches the wisdom and techniques of yoga in a fun way. We will learn a very gentle and invigorating set of postures that have a beneficial effect on the body, Yogic breathing which brings more oxygen into our system, improves heart function and nourishes our whole body, and relaxation techniques for a full and deep relaxation.



Sri Sri Yoga Course for children aged 2-6 years


Dynamic and gentle exercises, breathing techniques and a lot of fun for the youngest. Parents can also attend the workshop and thereby have an experience of intimacy and trust.



Sahaj Samadhi meditation



Eternity process






Practical information:

Holidays include accomodation in Korinjak hotel ( or the camping site within the premises of the hotel, just by the sea, full board with delicious vegetarian food.


Accommodation prices per person:


Renovated Maslina pavilion:

1. single room, full board, 7 days – 446 Eur

2. double room, full board, 7 days – 378 Eur


Lavanda pavilion:

3. triple room, balcony, full board, 7 days – 324 Eur

4. double room, full board, 7 days – 250 Eur



5. own tent, camp fascilities on disposal, full board, 7 days – 200 Eur

Possibility to rent a tent – 6 Eur per day + 5 Eur bedding and a mattress


Children under 3 years - free of charge (4 Eur per day for an extra bed in the room).

Children aged 3-8 years - 50% of the full price.


Accommodation is payed directly at the hotel upon arrival.


Course prices vary according to your country's price list.


Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your application and payment of the course fee.





Ivana Mihalinec I M +385 91 2865 220

Snjezana Nisevic I M +385 91 111 7779






Silba Island

Yes!+ Kamp

23rd to 30th July 2011




Yoga Energy Self-confidence!+ much more...


Big Yes!+ Camp on the magical island of pedestrians, island of Silba from 23rd till 30th of July. On the beautiful coast of Croatia, located a few meters from the beach, we will have a chance to dive as into the sea, also into the depth of our being, with a dynamic program and numerous Yes!+ surprises!

Practice, jump, dance, party - have fun with Yes!+!

Swim, meditate, sleep - rest with Yes!+!


About YES!+ Course:

YES!+ (Youth Empowerment Seminar) is the course for improving life skills and practical knowledge designed for young people, as well as for the young in their hearts! In this workshop learn how to get rid of stress and negative emotions, how to develop and express your full potential, whether it be on studies, work, professional or personal relationships. This dynamic program has influenced lives of thousands around the world with its benefits: better focus, enhanced memory, stronger immune system, increased energy, creativity, serenity of spirit. Through interactive and entertaining guided exercises, breathing techniques and processes participants integrate acquired knowledge into the every day life.


Silba Island:

Silba Island, known as a pedestrians island is situated in Zadar archipelago, between the islands of Olib and Premuda, and is only 8 km in length. It exudes with an exceptional beauty and tranquility. The most beautiful sandy beach on the island Šotorišće is located in the camp. By many roads that guide you through the island, you will easily find beautiful beaches and coves. As the island is free of cars and motorcycles, peace and quietness allow us to get in touch with the nature.




Practical information:

Holidays include accommodation at the youth camp Mirta in bungalows or in the buliding, right beside the sea, with full board with delicious vegetarian food.


Accommodation price with full board is 190 eur.


Course prices vary according to your country's price list.

Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your application and payment of the course fee.





Gordana Tihomirovic I M +385 98 246 605, +385 91 531 3737

Ivana Mihalinec, Art of Living Croatia

Project Coordinator
T: +385 1 641 3100
M:+385 91 2865 220





Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Experience sharing from Berlin

Dear all,

Jai Guru Dev. Greeting from Berlin where magic is happening everyday. Would you believe me if I told you that this amazing event is in the hands of 50 people, a handful experienced teachers and project leaders with the majority being youngsters in their twenties with little experience but through enthusiasm and energy are achieving amazing things? Would you believe me when I tell how each evening at satsang we laugh in wonder when sharing the miracle stories of how the grace flowed that day? Each day is a surprise to us and while there is a plan, we simply show up to meetings and things just happen in front of our eyes while we just sit and smile. I'll give you an example. Today Christoph and Rajita met with the owner of a Football Club and Media Agency and they expected to be in and out in 20 minutes. But before they knew it he set up a number of TV interviews for Guruji including one on the station we have been trying to get on, without success for some time. AND it happened that all the top management consultants were in the office for the monthly meeting and they all spent an hour with us brainstorming ideas and suggestions of what more we can do. All this for NOTHING, if we had to pay their consultancy fees! Another volunteer working with us is an actor and he invited 2 friends (one is a Director and the other an actress) for a meeting with Swami Pragyapad and Rajita. They chatted for 20 minutes then asked them, not expecting anything, what they could do for us... Next thing they offered to get 50 celebrities to make a video for U-tube promoting the event, and make a pledge for peace in the stadium. AND the director offered his time to coordinate VIP's and provide VIP Mercedes cars for us at no cost! Doors are just opening once we knock lightly. Grace is flowing in abundance. Another example is MTV who just appeared seemingly out of nowhere and who want to partner with us. The list goes on and on. The Olympic stadium team are also in awe (and a little, no I lie, a whole lot nervous) at how we are managing to do this event on our budget and how we managing pulling things together in such a short time. Remember this is Germany with hundreds of rules and regulations that need to be approved well in advance, yet somehow things are happening just in time.

There are also so many stories of how devotees with financial difficulties have booked a ticket determined to come and then the abundance has come to them. Similarly teachers from other countries who should be working at home on this but are doing seva here, are finding that things are happening at home all by itself e.g. Iran, a group of 40 have already paid and registered for all courses etc despite have restraints in getting funds out of the country. It is so inspiring! When Guruji was here recently, one of the questions asked of him was, "How can we improve our technique in getting people to come?" The reply? "In a relaxed and easy manner, you simply tell them to come!". That is all he is asking us to do, the rest is in his hands and happening around us. He also told us when asked about the significance of the event, "Peace will spread from Berlin to Europe and down to Africa where there is so much violence and unrest (mentioned North Africa)." So by coming along and being here that is the gift you are giving the world and the legacy you will be part of leaving to all the children of the world. JUST COME! Much Love from Berlin JGD Denise Denise Humphris

(FWD by Denise, a South African teacher (presently in Berlin)]

When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Friday, May 6, 2011

Seva Opportunity

Dear All,

Our German ashram at Bad antagost require people (Gents) for seva to help in construction until Berlin event.

Total Sevaks required.
  • One experienced
  • Two without any experience.
Part 2 or DSN completion is necessary.

Contact: Lucia ( and German Ashram.

Best regards and Jai guru dev.

"When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

D-Live Webcast of Yoga Rave: 3 May - 8:30 pm IST

Dear all,

Those of you who missed the LIVE Webcast of Yoga Rave  of May 1, can now watch the D-Live webcast of the same on Wednesday -  3 May at 8:30 pm IST

Link to watch OR

Inform ALL!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

DSN experience From Croatia

There are no words which could express what was happening at this DSN in all of us and what is happening after... But I'll try anyway :)

So much love, so much happiness, sooo much gratitude... The energy at the course was amazing, I experienced so much there.. I released lot of emotions, situations, that were obviously holding me back. The processes were sooooo incredibly powerful! The intensity of emotions I felt, the intensity of letting go and surrender... Hard to describe it. And sooooo, soooooo much fun!! I do not remember last time I had so much fun! I had time of my life there! And I can tell without thinking that this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My heart opened so much! Oh and we all cried during all those powerful processes, and I have felt such a relief... I have surrendered so much... The processes were so wonderful... Parents process, oh how much of emotions have gone out.. And what a gratitude! Unexpressable! Tears could not stop flowing, they just kept going, and going...! I have never expereienced such a gratitude; most amazing feeling! Crying out of gratitude – wow, that is life! I am so grateful that I experienced it, that I felt it, that it is our natural state... Wow... And blessing process, oh my God there are no words to express the beauty of it... And that surrender, when you bow and just surrender it all... What a relief, what a gratitude, what love... And all the people there, oh I feel so connected to all of them! Like one huuge family, brothers and sisters, all of us! There was (still is :)) so much love that we spread between us and all around us! At this course I experienced what it really means - that sentence: "Life is enthusiasm, Life is joy, Life is love"! I felt such love there, enthusiasm, joy; we have all celebrated life, we were all like one! It was just......magical... And our dearest Santosh have opened our hearts, and he helped us all to raise energy and to open, to celebrate, to love, to enjoy... He is such an amazing leader, teacher, father... Such love and light... I'd spend all my time with him! :) He gave us so much, taught us so much.. I am so grateful to him as well as to all teachers, people who have been there, and to our dearest Guruji! During the course, while we were singing one bhajan, the Guruji's face showed up in my heart, and I felt like he has settled there, right in my heart... And whenever I think of him, and that picture of him in my heart, I feel such gratitude, love, my heart gets warm... Wonderful.....

And after the course – everything is sooo synchronized! Everything is just flowing, everything is like it should be, everything is happening in the best way. And when I think of something that might worry me or something, I just surrender it to Guruji and let go.. and after it turns out amazing! Wow, I really experience(d) the power of surrender, trust and letting go... And it is so, sooo wonderful how loving, happy and uplifting we all together are! I am so blessed that I have been at this course, with this group, with Santosh, with Guruji... I feel like our lives are turning around, like something new and big and amazing has started..! And Santosh is such an inspiration, oh I'd like to be like him :) He shared so much wonderful knowledge and gave such inspiration to do Padma Sadhana and whole program, to keep going, spreading love, oneness, happiness, Art of Living! And our amazing teachers who put effort into organizing all this, and who are supporting the whole group and helping us to stay in touch! Everyone is giving their best, their 100%! :D

I want everyone to feel like we do, and better, better, and keep going..!!

Thank You, Thank You All!!!

Jay Guru Dev!

From heart with love,
Tamara Petruša