Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Youth Festival - World Culture Festival

Dear all,
During a meeting with the Olympic Stadium Management team,  government officials & foundations, etc were present. They are now aware of our event. Art of Living is on the lips of academics, business persons, and philanthropists etc. When they are attending other events they'll casually speak of the foundation, etc. All young people are invited to participate in Youth Festival  

The information below is the updated program.

1)  YOUTH IDOL: Calling all singers, performers, poets, rappers: GET NOTICED: in front of an expected 100,000 international crowd.  Submit your best video for online voting. Promote event in your region and get them to enroll for the youth idol through the link of the website below

2)  YOUTH CONFERENCE: Change through Peace: social entrepreneurs submit a video for online voting of your project/work related to peaceful social change

3) AOL ACHIEVEMENTS: create a video of AOL service projects: For example if you worked with the Stand Up and Take Action, The Millennium Development Goals, Local Tree Planting, etc. 

4)  CALL OF THE YOUTH: apply to participate in a working group to identify and discuss urgent challenges in the global scenario, and define possible solutions.  Starting 31st June ending 2nd July with the presentation of the results by the participants in the Olympic Stadium saturday evening.    
5)  FASHION FESTIVAL: Please note: Bring 3 items of clothing for male and 3 for female that is traditional to your culture.

    E-mail us for further description or chat with us on Skype between 12:00-15:00 German time between Monday-Saturday. Check the web link below for further details on how to enroll in the various activities.

Note: - Presentations could include facts, figures and an overview.  Make it visual and creative by including music, imagery and other art forms for aesthetic appearance.

Get creative! Show us what you got and what your local Art of Living centre has achieved!

For further details contact:
Krithika Balaji
Project Manager Youth Festival
World Culture Festival
Skype: youthfestivalberlin2011
Tel (Office)+49 302 535 8396
Tel (Mobile): +49 174 258 3887