Friday, April 22, 2011

Swami Jyothirmayah on Wake up and Shake up course tour of Bulgaria

With Guru's grace my Wake up and Shake up course tour of Bulgaria completed with a grand success and I am writing to appreciate the perfect organization of the tour and the enthusiastic work of the Bulgarian teachers, volunteers, the love and hospitality I received from all and to thank for the opportunity given by them to serve and spread this beautiful knowledge.

Within 35 days we visited 30 cities Bulgaria, 10 of which we brought the Art of Living for the first time and Part 1 courses followed in them. Altogether we touched more than 4500 people's lives. Throughout the tour I was amazed by the love of the Bulgarian people, the openess and readiness to recieve spiritual knowledge and practices. People participated in the sessions with so much enthusias and literally didn't want to leave the halls. In general, this is a blessed nation, very spiritual, which dates thousands of years in history, rich in culture and folk traditons with pristine and virgin clean nature.

Above all I would to appreciate the way these Bulgarian teachers work and especially the national coordinator, Konsantin Dragov, who sets the pace for the work there and leads the others with his perfect example of utter devotion and commitment.

I am writing to our entire Art of Living family because all of us can learn and be inspired by the example set by the Bulgarian Art of Living teachers who have an showed amazing team work, big vision, YES-mind, and most of all that Bulgarian teachers and organizers work like ONE. They have showed that anything is possible with the the faith of the Master and commitment to serve.

They have taken a sankalpa to bring 5000 people to the 30 Year Jubilee and perform a beautiful folk dance of 1000 people at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Jai Guru Dev
Swami Jyothirmayah