Monday, April 18, 2011

Success story

Swami Jyotirmaya's Wake up and Shake up Tour of Bulgaria ・ 30 cities ・ 4600 km ・ 4600 people ! Largest Art of Living course in Europe ・ 1200 people in Sofia !

Swamiji's national Wake up and Shake up tour culminated  in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia in the National Palace of Culture which bursted with the energy generated by Swami Jyotirmaya, the Art of Living teachers of Bulgaria and by the more than 1200 participants.

The hall was bubbling with so much positivity, enthusiasm, joy and love that the hundreds of people with eyes filled with gratitude and love touched, shacked, kissed Swamiji's hand. The feeling was so overwhelming especially when Swamiji told the audience from the heart: "I love you all. Bulgarians are the best!" Each participant felt the deep sincerity of Swamiji's words and thundered in loud applaus with wetting eyes. People simply did not want to leave the hall. It was a true celebration in the spirit of the Art of Living. Words cannot express the power of the moment !

Especially strong was when the dozen of teachers of Bulgaria came to the stage full of confidence and radiating with joy and power and Swamji said "These are the pillars of Art of Living Bulgaria! I am so proud of them! Look at their shining faces! "

Like a perfect coach and captain of the team of teachers Swami Jyotirmaya was guiding them to take different responsibility during the course and showed their best skills in front of the crowd – singing, dancing, oral presentation, sharing, teaching pranayamas. Yet another time Swamiji showed us that he is true representative of Guruji.

There was representative from the Polish Art of Living board, Robert who came to witness the magnanimity of the event to implement it in Poland, where Swamiji is going next.

12-15th May is International Mega DSN happening for 600 people in Sofia. All members of our international Art of Living family are invited to witness, be part of and get inspired by yet another historic and magnanimous event!!!