Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mega DSN in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear All,

Find below the poster for the mega DSN Course happening in Bulgaria. Dont miss this opportunity!!


D.S.N. is a course which brings about 'Inner Transformation' in a person, making an individual more Dynamic in life and at the same time maintaining the inner peace – in short it can be termed as IPOD – "INNER PEACE OUTER DYNAMISM".


• Breaks all barriers & inhibitions in your day-to-day communication / interaction

• Breaks all fears that is impeding our progress in life

• Enhances effectiveness in dealing within corporate world

• Brings overall growth in both professional/ personal way of living!

• Makes you feel lighter, relieved and charged-up to-face-the-future!

There's lot more for one to experience and realize rather than confining the experience in mere words.

The power of D.S.N. can give us true liberation, true freedom and personal empowerment !!!

Pre-requisite to participate in a D.S.N. – Should have completed Artof Living Part I (Basic) Course