Thursday, April 14, 2011

Malvern, Residential Courses in England - Register Online Now for Early Bird Discount

Dear Everyone,

Malvern 2011' -  Wed 10th August to Sun 14th August 2011. 


Registrations are in full swing! 

Act now to benefit from the Early Spring Bird rate only on offer till 25th April!

Go to:



The courses and prices for early birds are as follows:

You and your family can come and enjoy a combination of any of the following:


Part 1 Art of Breathing, Part 2 Art of Silence, YES!+(for 18-30's)

all priced at the early bird rate of £350


ART Excel (for 8-13's), YES! (for 14-18's) & Sri Sri Yoga (for 16+)

priced at the early bird rate of £250


Sahaj Samadhi Meditation (for Part 2 graduates only), starting from £200

Angels childcare provision for 2-7 year olds starting from £125

Eternity process at £75

Vastu Workshop at £25

Mother and baby programme from £25

Ayurvedic treatments and consultations from £30


Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, especially for experiences like this so we rely on all of you to spread the word for us!


Very best wishes to you all,


Fatema and Deepak


Phone queries: 07946 542 876