Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jubilee book - to our European Subscribers

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to share with you, that on the occasion of our upcoming World Culture Festival, we will be producing a memorable Jubilee Magazine.

This extraordinary magazine will be distributed to 100.000 people and web-distributed to over 10 million people and will contain necessary information regarding the program, congratulatory messages, interviews with world renowned personalities and would remain as a souvenir for guests and participants after the event.

This presents an extraordinary opportunity for organisations/ companies/ individuals in your country to showcase themselves and their message to this expected global audience of over 10 million people.

For the local Art of Living groups it is also a great opportunity to take one of the advertisement options to present their well wishes.

We offer you an exclusive opportunity to submit up to 10 advertisements from your country for this Magazine!

We are also happy to announce a 15% discount for all advertisements placed before 30th of April 2011.

Click here find a package on the Jubilee Magazine.


Look forward to your countries participation in this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.


For more information and registration form please contact 

International Coordinator for Jubilee Magazine, 

Kira Titaeva at: 


Tel:   +49 3025358330
Mob: +49 17632250232
Fax:  +49 3025358397


With warm regards,


World Culture Festival team.