Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mega DSN in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear All,

Find below the poster for the mega DSN Course happening in Bulgaria. Dont miss this opportunity!!


D.S.N. is a course which brings about 'Inner Transformation' in a person, making an individual more Dynamic in life and at the same time maintaining the inner peace – in short it can be termed as IPOD – "INNER PEACE OUTER DYNAMISM".


• Breaks all barriers & inhibitions in your day-to-day communication / interaction

• Breaks all fears that is impeding our progress in life

• Enhances effectiveness in dealing within corporate world

• Brings overall growth in both professional/ personal way of living!

• Makes you feel lighter, relieved and charged-up to-face-the-future!

There's lot more for one to experience and realize rather than confining the experience in mere words.

The power of D.S.N. can give us true liberation, true freedom and personal empowerment !!!

Pre-requisite to participate in a D.S.N. – Should have completed Artof Living Part I (Basic) Course

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rishi Nithyapragyaji's Tour of The Midlands UK

Dear all,

The program for Rishiji NityaPragyaji for the midlands is below:

The UK are delighted to welcome one of Art of Living's most inspiring teachers, Rishi Nityapragya, or "Rishiji" as he is known by everyone. Rishiji will be in the UK for 2 months,blessing us with satsangs and courses across the country.In celebration of Art of Living's 30th Anniversary, both Art of Breathing courses are part of the *Special 2 for 1 offer*. One full fee paying person (£250) can bring one person on this course free of charge.

Rishi Nityapragya

Rishi Nityapragya, International Program Director of the world renowned Art of Living Foundation, will visit the UK for two months to inspire and uplift the British public and promote World Culture Festival,Conducting a series of talks and yoga programs he will address audiences with his mesmerising singing and uplifting talks. During his two months long tour he will conduct programs in over ten UK cities.

Rishi Nityapragya is the Director of International Programs for the world's largest volunteer based NGO, The Art of Living Foundation (founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). He has dedicated his life to the foundation by teaching programs in over 60 countries, focused around the benefits of the breath, meditation and yoga. Through his workshops hundreds of thousands people have overcome depression, anxiety and stress and have improved their mental clarity enabling them to achieve success and peace in all aspects of their lives. Rishi Nityapragya is a regular contributor to television programs where he showcases knowledge talks and yoga techniques and highlights the benefits that music and chanting can have on your wellbeing.

Events with Rishiji:

Sun 8th May 2011  - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Leicester Marriot Hotel, Smith Way, Grove Park, Enderby, Leicester. LE19 1SW

Tickets £10

16th to 18th May 2011

Leicester - venue TBC soon - refresher course for part 1 graduates only –

**Maha Kriya with Rishiji**


Sun 22nd May 2011 4pm to 7pm

Shree Birmingham Pragati Mandal, 10 Samson Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11


Tickets £5

26th to 29th May 2011

Leicester - sanatan mandir  2 for 1 Part 1 course  £250

Other Art of Living events:

29th April 2011 – Satsang, Birmingham (1pm)

30th April - Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Knowledge session at hall green library,

hall green, Birmingham. -9:00am to 12:00pm

30th April 2011 – Guru Puja and Satsang – Leicester (6pm)

1st May 2011 – Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Knowledge session at syston community

centre, syston, leicester LE7 1HN (9am to 1pm)

13th May 2011 – Guru Puja and Satsang – Chesterfield (special satsang to

celebrate Guruji's Birthday)

15th May 2011 – Guru Puja and Satsang - Birmingham (another special satsang

to celebrate Guruji's Birthday)

If you wish to attend any of the events – please email for details.


Rashmi Fulchand, Raj Fulchand, Janak Patel

On behalf of the Art of Living Midlands Committee, UK

UK Registered charity number: 1131480

LEICESTER Mobile: 0044 7789747834 email:

BIRMINGHAM mobile: 00 44 7956 455 128 email:


Monday, April 25, 2011

UK Summer Courses August 10th-14th 2011, Register now and get discount

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful English countryside this summer where you can bring your family for our Mega Residential Event in Malvern!

We will have not two, or four or six courses - but EIGHT , Yes! 8 courses happening all under one roof!

1) Art of Breathing - Part 1
2) Art of Silence - Part 2
3) Art of Meditation - Sahaj Samadhi
4) Art of Yoga - Sri Sri Yoga
5) YES!+ for 18 - 30 yrs
6) YES! for 14 - 18 yrs
7) ART Excel for 8 - 13 yrs
8) Angels for 2 - 7 yrs

And that's not all - we will also have a variety of workshops and consultations including:

9) Vastu Consultations & Workshop
10) Ayurveda Consultations & Treatments
11) Mother and Baby Programme
12) Eternity Process

So 12 wonderful reasons to come to the UK this summer!

Malvern is a beautiful Spa Town set amidst the Malvern Hills, famous for its spring water and picturesque scenery.

Catch the Early Summer Bird discount till 25th June and if you're extra quick you can even get the Early Spring Bird Discount with £50 off all courses until tonight! Just click on the link below and REGISTER NOW!

Malvern is within reach of Birmingham Airport and also has easy access from all London Airports - Cheap flights available NOW on Easy Jet and Ryan Air.
Book Soon for the best prices!

Warm Easter wishes from us all,
Malvern Seva Team

Jai jai radha raman hari bol :)

"When you make service your sole purpose in life, it eliminates fear, focuses your mind and gives a new meaning to your life" - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Saturday, April 23, 2011

World's Largest DSN in Bulgaria by Santosh ji

Worlds Largest DSN Course in Bulgaria, Celebrating Gurujis Birthday  with the European Rocking DSN Teacher Santosh ji ! from the 12th to 15th of May 2011.Thousands of people in and around Europe have done the course with Santosh ji, don´t miss this fantastic opportunity! All countries are welcome and register in advance.

Would you like to
...... Blow your limits?
...... Know your strengths?
...... Roar like a lion?
...... Awaken your inner strengths and much more?
......Then the 
DSN is the perfect course for you!

DSN makes you much stronger mentally , physically and spiritually.


Time to Break your Barriers

Get out of your Shell

Build up Courage and

S e e  H o w  a m a z i n g Y o u are!!!

The course starts on Thursday 12/05 at 17:29 and ends on Sunday.

For Registrations Contact:
 "Konstantin Dragov" <>,
"Sana Alsbey" <>,
 "sarah.alsbey" <>,

Friday, April 22, 2011

Swami Jyothirmayah on Wake up and Shake up course tour of Bulgaria

With Guru's grace my Wake up and Shake up course tour of Bulgaria completed with a grand success and I am writing to appreciate the perfect organization of the tour and the enthusiastic work of the Bulgarian teachers, volunteers, the love and hospitality I received from all and to thank for the opportunity given by them to serve and spread this beautiful knowledge.

Within 35 days we visited 30 cities Bulgaria, 10 of which we brought the Art of Living for the first time and Part 1 courses followed in them. Altogether we touched more than 4500 people's lives. Throughout the tour I was amazed by the love of the Bulgarian people, the openess and readiness to recieve spiritual knowledge and practices. People participated in the sessions with so much enthusias and literally didn't want to leave the halls. In general, this is a blessed nation, very spiritual, which dates thousands of years in history, rich in culture and folk traditons with pristine and virgin clean nature.

Above all I would to appreciate the way these Bulgarian teachers work and especially the national coordinator, Konsantin Dragov, who sets the pace for the work there and leads the others with his perfect example of utter devotion and commitment.

I am writing to our entire Art of Living family because all of us can learn and be inspired by the example set by the Bulgarian Art of Living teachers who have an showed amazing team work, big vision, YES-mind, and most of all that Bulgarian teachers and organizers work like ONE. They have showed that anything is possible with the the faith of the Master and commitment to serve.

They have taken a sankalpa to bring 5000 people to the 30 Year Jubilee and perform a beautiful folk dance of 1000 people at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Jai Guru Dev
Swami Jyothirmayah

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Warm Up for the Flying Guitars during the World Culture Festival

Dear Art of Living Guitarists,

Get WARMED-UP for THE GRAND GUITAR ENSEMBLE FOR PEACE at the World Culture Festival...
...join us internationally at the "Thanks Jimi Festival" before April 30th.

Art of Living is partnering with the "Thanks Jimi Festival" ( to beat the current Guinness World Record for Guitar Performance on April 30th!  All our international guitar players have the opportunity to and play guitar again this year and raise awareness about the WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL!

What can you do right now?

1. Play the "Amazing Grace" with your friends at Satsang, at home or in the park, before April 27th.
The chords are here:
2. Play the Jimi Hendrix song "Hey Joe" . The chords are here:
3. Take a photo of you, your guitar, a flag of your country and a banner (including the banner: downloadable here:  )

4. Send your photos to by April 27th.  Be creative and remember to SMILE!

Some Reasons to do it:
1. We will be presenting your photos and the World Culture Festival on stage at the Thanks Jimi Festival.  We will be inspiring there thousands of guitarists that will show up in Wroclaw on April 30th, to come and meet us all in Berlin!
2. Another great reason to celebrate!
3. To practise and warm up for the Grand World Culture FEstival

Submit your photos to
  • Add your photos as attachments, making sure not to exceed individual photo size of 3MB.
  • Submit only one photo per email.
  • Use your city, country and the number of guitarists as the subject.
  • The body of your email will be the caption for your photos.  Include a compelling one-sentence description of your event and what is happening in the photo.
  • Include any photographer credits in the e-mail body/caption.
  • Send your email to by April 27th.

Jaya Guru Deva,
The Berlin Team
See you in Berlin!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The World Culture Festival - 6th NEWSLETTER

Dear all,
Find below 6th NEWSLETTER of The World Culture Festival. 

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rishi Nityapragyaji's UK Tour 2011

Dear all,

We are delighted to welcome one of Art of Living's most inspiring teachers, Rishi Nityapragya, or "Rishiji" as he is known by everyone. 

He will be in the UK for 2 months, blessing us with satsangs and courses across the country. Join and celebrate

Click here and bookmark the link to get updated information about his schedule.

Day Event Location Price Buy/Register Online

Fri 6th May Satsang  London
Friends House 
173 Euston Road 
London NW1 2BJ
£5 - Early bird rate before 1st May
£10 thereafter
£15 on the door
Book now!

Sat 7th May Satsang  North   Coming soon

Sun 8th May Satsang  Midlands  

Coming soon

Mon 9th - Wed 11th May Satsangs and volunteers meeting  Dublin   

Coming soon

Thu 12th May Satsang Luton  

Coming soon

Fri 13th May  Satsang London   

Coming soon

Sat 14th -Sun 15th May  Satsangs and volunteers meeting  Crawley/Slough  

Coming soon

Tue 17th - Sat 21st May Art of Breathing Course London
Friends House
173 Euston Road 
London NW1 2BJ
£250 - regular 
£125 - concession
£50 - repeater

Book (regular)
Book (concession)
Book (repeater)

Sun 22nd May Satsang Midlands  

Coming soon

Wed 25th - Sat 28th May  Art of Breathing Course Midlands  

Coming soon

Sun 29th May  Satsang North   

Coming soon

Wed 1st - Sat 5th June   Art of  Breathing Course North   

Coming soon

Jai guru dev :)

Success story

Swami Jyotirmaya's Wake up and Shake up Tour of Bulgaria ・ 30 cities ・ 4600 km ・ 4600 people ! Largest Art of Living course in Europe ・ 1200 people in Sofia !

Swamiji's national Wake up and Shake up tour culminated  in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia in the National Palace of Culture which bursted with the energy generated by Swami Jyotirmaya, the Art of Living teachers of Bulgaria and by the more than 1200 participants.

The hall was bubbling with so much positivity, enthusiasm, joy and love that the hundreds of people with eyes filled with gratitude and love touched, shacked, kissed Swamiji's hand. The feeling was so overwhelming especially when Swamiji told the audience from the heart: "I love you all. Bulgarians are the best!" Each participant felt the deep sincerity of Swamiji's words and thundered in loud applaus with wetting eyes. People simply did not want to leave the hall. It was a true celebration in the spirit of the Art of Living. Words cannot express the power of the moment !

Especially strong was when the dozen of teachers of Bulgaria came to the stage full of confidence and radiating with joy and power and Swamji said "These are the pillars of Art of Living Bulgaria! I am so proud of them! Look at their shining faces! "

Like a perfect coach and captain of the team of teachers Swami Jyotirmaya was guiding them to take different responsibility during the course and showed their best skills in front of the crowd – singing, dancing, oral presentation, sharing, teaching pranayamas. Yet another time Swamiji showed us that he is true representative of Guruji.

There was representative from the Polish Art of Living board, Robert who came to witness the magnanimity of the event to implement it in Poland, where Swamiji is going next.

12-15th May is International Mega DSN happening for 600 people in Sofia. All members of our international Art of Living family are invited to witness, be part of and get inspired by yet another historic and magnanimous event!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Once in Life Time - 70,000 people at 1 place - Join in!!

An Once in a life time opportunity for All to be part of the GRAND Event that will create A History!

The World Culture Festival @ Berlin - 2,3 July 2011 - Celebrating the 30th Anniversarry of The Art of Living!!

Be Updated - LIKE this -

Share your message on:

Install this Mobile App and be updated!! ( from your Nokia mobile browser)

An Unforgettable Peace Festival with Dance, Music, Yoga and Food!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jubilee book - to our European Subscribers

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to share with you, that on the occasion of our upcoming World Culture Festival, we will be producing a memorable Jubilee Magazine.

This extraordinary magazine will be distributed to 100.000 people and web-distributed to over 10 million people and will contain necessary information regarding the program, congratulatory messages, interviews with world renowned personalities and would remain as a souvenir for guests and participants after the event.

This presents an extraordinary opportunity for organisations/ companies/ individuals in your country to showcase themselves and their message to this expected global audience of over 10 million people.

For the local Art of Living groups it is also a great opportunity to take one of the advertisement options to present their well wishes.

We offer you an exclusive opportunity to submit up to 10 advertisements from your country for this Magazine!

We are also happy to announce a 15% discount for all advertisements placed before 30th of April 2011.

Click here find a package on the Jubilee Magazine.


Look forward to your countries participation in this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.


For more information and registration form please contact 

International Coordinator for Jubilee Magazine, 

Kira Titaeva at: 


Tel:   +49 3025358330
Mob: +49 17632250232
Fax:  +49 3025358397


With warm regards,


World Culture Festival team.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Malvern, Residential Courses in England - Register Online Now for Early Bird Discount

Dear Everyone,

Malvern 2011' -  Wed 10th August to Sun 14th August 2011. 


Registrations are in full swing! 

Act now to benefit from the Early Spring Bird rate only on offer till 25th April!

Go to:



The courses and prices for early birds are as follows:

You and your family can come and enjoy a combination of any of the following:


Part 1 Art of Breathing, Part 2 Art of Silence, YES!+(for 18-30's)

all priced at the early bird rate of £350


ART Excel (for 8-13's), YES! (for 14-18's) & Sri Sri Yoga (for 16+)

priced at the early bird rate of £250


Sahaj Samadhi Meditation (for Part 2 graduates only), starting from £200

Angels childcare provision for 2-7 year olds starting from £125

Eternity process at £75

Vastu Workshop at £25

Mother and baby programme from £25

Ayurvedic treatments and consultations from £30


Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, especially for experiences like this so we rely on all of you to spread the word for us!


Very best wishes to you all,


Fatema and Deepak


Phone queries: 07946 542 876