Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Journey towards the Self - next stop Berlin!!

The excitement is growing, tickets and hotels are booked, messages are flying, smiles are stretching across the world as everyone looks towards Berlin July 2nd and 3rd and the fun and excitement of the World Culture Festival itself and the momentous week that follows.

If you're making plans here are the options for the week following the festival. You can benefit greatly from your stay in Germany by joining in the fantastic selection of courses in Berlin.

A must for everyone is the evening of July 3rd with unique knowledge, music and meditation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. After that there will be a whole range of very special courses with Sri Sri that are absolutely not to be missed.

-   July 3rd - An Evening of Wisdom, Mediation and Music

-   July 3rd – 4th - A Journey towards the Self, a Day of Wisdom and Mediation

-   July 3rd – 7th – Jubilee Art of Breathing Course

-   July 3rd – 7th – Jubilee Art of Silence Course (includes a Day of Wisdom and Meditation)

-   July 3rd – 7th – Jubilee Youth Empowerment Seminar, YES!+ (18-30 yrs)

-   July 3rd – 7th - Jubilee Advanced Youth Empowerment Seminar, YES!++ (18-30 yrs) (includes a Day of Wisdom and Meditation)

-   July 3rd – 7th - Jubilee ART Excel Course (8-13 yrs)

-   July 3rd – 7th - Jubilee YES Course (14-17 yrs)

All of these special Jubilee courses will be unique. Graced by the presence of Sri Sri and held in one of the most exciting cities in Europe with such powerful energy after the World Culture Festival, these courses present a one in a lifetime opportunity.

Full details about times and costs can be found at

EVENT INFO Tel.:  +49 3025358330 , COURSE INFO Tel.:  +49 780497390